Sentinels of the Multiverse – Two Player

After trouble with not being able to win in a two-player game against the villains, I decided to take to the internet to see if I was the only one. It turns out that if you play a two player game that it is recommended that each player control two heroes. The forums were quick to respond and provide helpful information!

After finding out this information we decided to give it another go each of us playing two heroes.Image

And once again decided to fight the robot: Omnitron.


Remember, each hero turn allows you to play one card, use one power, and then draw a card. Playing ongoing cards and equipments that boost your hero and others is critical to succeeding against the villain!





After a few turns things are going pretty well for us. Definitely much better than when we were only using two heroes! There is a lot going on though!Image

The villain has some pretty nasty tricks up their sleeves and anything can happen. The environments can sometimes help the villain as well.  As we saw in one turn the villain become immune to damage. Image

Villains also have reset cards and can set you back quickly. We lost 5 equipments to one card and a shot at a single source of 18 damage.


In the end, we were victorious and defeated Omnitron! Haka delivering the killing blow!Image

I definitely recommend getting this game, even when we were losing we were having a blast!

Check it out!


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