Gaming on the Apple iPad, IOS is getting better and better.

Ever since the iPhone was released and the IOS platform open for development, games have been extremely popular. Finally, games are migrating from the popular Angry Birds and Temple Run type games to classic games we play on the table top. Some games are even branching out and launching similar titles to IOS.

One of the games, Ascension, is a great example of a deck building game that has been introduced digitally. Playdek has done an impressive job designing a great layout and feel.

Storm of Souls

Storm of Souls

Match in progress

Match in progress

As you may see, this is a two player match. Also available are three and four player matches. There are also various time limits you can set from a few minutes to several days.



What blog would be complete without a victory over @jacery855. Of course, I have named one of the computer players so I beat Jacery on a daily basis!

Ascension isn’t the only game out there, here are some other great ones that have made the leap to digital.

Ticket to Ride Summoner Wars



Look for a Ticket to Ride feature soon. I will leave you with a few more of my favorite IOS games.


Until next time, get your games in!


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