Pandemic: Can you save the world?

Check out my original mention of pandemic here before reading:

Sunday’s have become known as game night at our household. Sometimes it may just be my wife and I, but occasionally we have guests over. This past Sunday we sat down to play Pandemic with @jacery855 (check him out on twitter!)

To get started you pass out 3-4 city cards depending on the number of players along with 2  special event cards each. Once you have the initial board set up, the game itself is pretty simple. There are four diseases represented by cubes of color. The object is to find a cure for each disease and save the world from mass pandemic. Seems easy enough right?


How awesome is this?

Roles are assigned randomly at the beginning of the game. Once ready to begin, each player has four total actions: move, treat a disease, build a research station, and cure a disease. There are multiple ways to move, but I won’t go into detail here. Know that you can choose to move four times, or treat multiple diseases, or any combination of the four. Curing a disease requires 5 like color city cards and must be done at a research station.


12 possible roles if using the first expansion!

After your actions, the player draws 2 cards from the player deck and then moves to the infect phase where more cities become infected with diseases. Things move pretty easily until you are faced with an empidemic. The expansion added a new type of epidemic: Virulent.


Virulent strains can be a beast late in the game.

Every epidemic adds to your infect rate. Initially you start at a rate of 2 cities each turn, but soon you may be adding 3 or 4 cities depending on the number of epidemics you use. The infection phase is important as it adds more disease cubes to the board. Once you have 3 cubes of one color on a city, if that city is drawn from the infect pile then there’s an outbreak. Every connecting city then becomes infected with the disease. Outbreaks do compound and you can have a mass outbreak off one draw of the infect pile.

I’ve mentioned how to win, but how do you lose? This game boasts of several ways to lose and they happen often! Don’t be fooled, this game is extremely challenging and requires cooperation across the board to cure the diseases.

One way to win, mutliple ways to lose

Outbreak 8 times

Run out of Player Deck cards

No disease cube available when needed for infection


Initial set up, 9 cities are infected


Late in the game, majority of the board is infected!

Roles and the Special Event cards are critical to succeeding. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit about Pandemic.

Until next time, get your games in!


Know your role!


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