HEX – The digital card game for the future

Cryptozoic recently announced their latest project: HEX. If you haven’t heard of this new leap into the digital card game genre, then you soon will. In just a short number of days (7) this project has 4,454 backers and $542,590 pledged as of this writing. Incredible.

I won’t go into great detail on this blog, you can take a look at their kickstarter page here:  Hex Kickstarter

Cryptozoic is touting this game as the first true MMOTCG claiming to feature full sets of cards, dungeons, raids, quests, guilds, tournaments, auction houses, loot, monsters, pve/pvp, and more.

The game will launch with eight races and six classes featuring equippable talents, gear, and abilities. The most interesting aspect looks to be the customization of cards with equipment. Most cards look to have room for two equipments that you find from encounters and loot drops.

Dungeons offer a chance to score cards unique to the PVE experience allowing even further opportunity to customize your deck.

Why its this game different than any other CCG? Your cards will change as you play them. Equip your cards with equipment and gems that all offer unique abilities to your cards. Cards have three sides to them: Front, back, and double back. Every card has a set of achievements that unlock variant arts, a level progress to a foil version, and more. Your cards will change as you play!

Organized play will have daily tournaments featuring sealed and limited formats.

Overall I am extremely excited about this project. I only have to decide which tier to pledge. As of this blog, six of fifteen stretch goals have been met.

Stay tuned for more updates as this game progresses.

Until next time, get your games in!



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