Gamers update

Real life hit fast and hard. My game time it’s non existent at the moment. I want to update the games i play. I enjoyed my ascension game blogs and game night with my friends. Alas, other priorities must be addressed. We have twin boys due in a few weeks and we purchased our first home. My free time is spent driving from work to the new home to get it ready to move into and back home in the afternoon. Then I sleep and go back to work.

Two rooms to go at the new place and two walls to paint and then the cleaning from the remodeling and we cab be ready to move! Then the twins come!

We have moved away from our friends and I fear that game nights will be few and far between. I will look to feature as much as I can, likely, digital games at first. Expect to see more ascension, Sol Forge for sure. I have backed HEX at the Grand King level so definitely expect to see that featured!

Until next time, get your games in.


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