HEX TCG from Cryptozoic a digital card game on kickstarter

The final stretch goal was met today for this upcoming game that has taken kickstarter by storm. This final stretch adds mobile support for all you tablet and mobile gaming fans! Now we will be be able to enjoy or account at home or on the road, something that is critical to stay on top in this digital era of gaming.

HEX continues to grow daily and the number of backers continues to climb. The mobile goal was 1.5 million (the game was backed at 300k). This game is obviously extremely popular approaching 10k comments and backers. Only a few days remain to pledge and there are several $250 tiers remaining all if which get a free draft for one year. Drafts will cost $7 a piece (a value of $364). Add to that all of the other tier rewards and the value is insane.

This is an mmotcg, a true breakthrough for a card game. Featuring a fully integrated PvE and PvP system. Enjoy tons of quests and dungeons and even raids or jump into a draft and challenge other players.

Three new stretch goals were added today, the first of which grants ALPHA access to the game for squire pledges and above.

So get busy pledging, sharing, and telling everyone about HEX and help bring the next genre breaking game to reality!

Until next time, get your games in!

Search for Hex


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