Written Review – Ascension : Rise of Vigil

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There are a lot of deck-building games out there, and they seem to be growing in popularity. One of my personal favorites, the Ascension series, has kept up with the times with its unique art and story. Using multiple resources, there are many tactics that players can put into action to ascend as the victor of their games. Stoneblade Entertainment has brought us the most recent expansion – Ascension : Rise of Vigil.

Released in 2013, this game is playable as a stand-alone game, but can be combined with other sets to increase the number of players. Ascension games are playable with 2-4 people, and last approximately 30 minutes. With a new resource entering the playing field, Rise of Vigil challenges even the most experienced Ascension fan to change up their game plan and embrace a new source of power.

Out Of The Box

Rise of Vigil does not fail…

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