#Neverwinter Skirmishes – Quick and Fun

Skirmishes are miniature dungeons consisting of 5 man parties. The game makes it simple to join with the queue feature. Just click a button, wait to queue and you’re transported to a zone for a short 10-15 minute battle. So far I’ve participated in a defeat each wave encounter and a small dungeon that leads up to a boss. These little adventures are a nice touch and simulate the smaller encounters you have in table top D&D. My most recent skirmish was into Helm’s Cathedral to defeat a Pit Fiend that some cursed cultists no doubt summoned in some dark ritual.

I am continuing to really enjoy Neverwinter and recommend checking it out. I’ll leave you with some shots from Helm’s Cathedral, and ‘Until next time, get your games in!’









2 thoughts on “#Neverwinter Skirmishes – Quick and Fun

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