#Neverwinter – The quest to slay the dragon!

We have all had that moment in our role playing games that was the ultimate kick-ass part of the game. For me and Dungeons and Dragons it was and always will be to slay the dragon! It honestly doesn’t matter what game I play, if there’s a dragon I’m going to die fighting it. Imagine my surprise today when I joined the queue for the appropriate level range dungeon and when it looked like we had made it to the end I am left picking my jaw off the floor when I see what appears to be a freaking dragon! We are immediately in the presence of one angry green flying dragon. It took our party a couple of tries to defeat this boss, but we were victorious in the end.

I keep touting Neverwinter as a great MMO and it’s free to play. If you haven’t checked this game out, then you are definitely missing out. Few of the free to play mmo’s have this level of fun and quality going for them. I am level 34 now and loving every minute of it. I’m not feeling a grind to reach the next level. The quests are fun and easy and the content provided through the Foundry system is limitless.

Here are the screenshots of our fight with the dragon.

Be sure to check out their wiki website for more information

Until next time, get your games in!



4 thoughts on “#Neverwinter – The quest to slay the dragon!

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