#Neverwinter – Foundry Feature of the Week – The Necropolis of Nightmare

This morning I continued my daily venture through a foundry dungeon by completing The Necropolis of Nightmare. This quest continues the Netho’relak Saga authored by @chili1179 and is currently highly rated and is fast approaching 19,000 plays. In this quest you journey by sea to an ancient tower and must complete three tasks to gain access to the inner tower where you attempt to rescue a prisoner and battling some really crazy monsters. This is the first dungeon that had a beholder in it for me and the D&D nerd in me got excited. The fights weren’t too bad as a solo player. I would have liked to see a few battles that were tougher, but overall I enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely revisit this quest down the road. The beauty of the foundry quests are they scale in level as your character progresses. So even if you’re just getting started or are fast approaching level 60, this quest has a place for everyone!

If you are a fan of Foundry missions, be sure to check this series out. There are currently 5 quests that are part of this ongoing saga and they are filled with great adventure and intriguing dialogue. I have done quite a few Foundry dungeons now and this one by far was the best visual quest I have been on.

I have spent some time in the demo_record feature and snapped some screenshots for you. Enjoy


A Grim Statue


I don’t know what these are, but they are creepy.


The first Beholder I’ve encountered!


The final boss in the Necropolis of Nightmare


I believe this was a Golem of some kind.


Another odd looking creature, I’m not sure what this is.


By itself, captured by the demo_record feature


My companion is about to be burned alive!


Now I’ve been tossed into the fire too!


I like to think I have grim determination.


Another shot of the final boss

The demo feature allows for some really incredible shots that you just can’t get by pressing the screenshot key. Allowing for you to pause and slow down the action makes for some shots that you just can’t get otherwise. If you’re into Neverwinter and want to check out how to do this, then check out the forum post here. This last shot I was taking a fireball to the face and I paused the action panned and zoomed and took a great shot.


About to take a fireball to the face. Ouch!

Until next time, get your games in!

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