Sol Forge – Early Release on Steam – #SolForge Deck Builder Active

Sol Forge released an update on the PC via Steam. If you already know all about Sol Forge, pick it up over at Steam. This recent update allows for you to use the deck builder function. Finally! The team over at Stoneblade also temporarily unlocked all the faction decks to give all of us from the kickstarter and beta access to all the currently released cards. The IoS update is coming in August for all of the iPad users out there!

It’s a fairly straight forward deck builder. Each faction has it’s own icon and you can then separate by creatures or spells. There is also an option for text versions or picture versions when you are choosing your cards. Double click on a card to add it to your deck at the bottom and remember that your deck must be 30 cards and can only contain two factions and you are good to go.


Deck builder in action

I have been waiting for this since the beta started, having limited myself to just two of the faction starters that came with my kickstarter pledge. If you missed out on the kickstarter, you can gain access to the ongoing beta with the early release on steam for $19.99, which will include 20 boosters at official release. For those kickstarter backers, there was an update recently here.

Quoting a paragraph from the update:

As a special thanks for your support, we’re going to give all of our Kickstarter backers and preorders a free TWENTY booster packs in addition to everything they are already set to receive as a result of their original contribution. We want you all to be ready to go when it’s time to start building decks for real, and what better way to do that than to jump-start your collections!”

Amazing support for those of us that were with them from the start. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t tried Sol Forge out on the PC until the deck builder function was live having been a die hard iPad fan for digital card games. However, after a few days of playing on the PC I won’t be going back to the iPad until the next update. The game just runs a heck of a lot smoother on the PC (and faster!). I have no doubt the iPad versions will get there, hopefully with the August update.

Check out the website for Sol Forge if you haven’t already. I’ll leave you with the first deck I’ve built. Focusing on the Alloyin and Tempys factions. I’m a huge fan of the cards that level up other cards when you play them. I’m also a huge fan of Windcaller Shaman, after trying the card out after ignoring it for quite some time. The ability to move a card into an open lane to seal the win is a good option to have.


Any movement is key!


Synapsis Oracle at Level 3, Levels a card in your hand!

My deck so far:Image

I’m sure it’s not that great, but with some work and new cards it may get there. I hope you take the time to try out Sol Forge. This is a great game from the makers of Ascension which is available online and at friendly local gaming stores!

Until next time, get your games in!


7 thoughts on “Sol Forge – Early Release on Steam – #SolForge Deck Builder Active

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