SolForge – Deck Construction – Round Two

Last time I talked about the early release on steam. If you haven’t checked it out yet, head on over to SolForge – Early release on Steam. I cannot wait for this game to officially go live. After you’ve checked out my blogs about SolForge, head on over to steam and get in on the early action! It’s well worth the $20 as you will get 20 boosters at launch for half the normal price. I also showed what my first deck looked like:


Alloyin and Tempys

As you can tell I chose to go Alloyin and Tempys. Leveling your cards is critical later into the game and constantly having hands with rank 2 and 3 spells helps your game significantly. There’s nothing worse than dropping down rank 1 creatures after an opponent has filled the board with their rank 3 bombs. I wanted to focus on leveling up and these cards allowed me to get there:


Reach your rank 2 and 3 spells fast.

I chose Tempys as my other faction for the burn spells hoping to be able to have enough to go around to control the field until the later turns when I should have more high level spells than the opponent. I chose Firestorm and Flameblade Champion for the AoE effects and Uranti Bolt for the single target burn.


Burn, baby burn.

The main idea of this deck is to rank up cards quick and have a higher chance of landing those multiple high rank cards. The problem I have run into is that my filler creatures are weaker than I anticipated. Cards that I thought were strong are not getting the job done. The Flameblade Champion being one of them. Cards I thought were weak are turning out to be amazing. My all star so far has been my one copy of Scrapforge Titan. The armor at rank 2 and 3 is incredible, along with the 20/20 stat at rank 3.


So tough to kill!

I’ve decided to go a slightly different route and change out some of my weaker cards and try out more of the robot cards and see if this works better. I’m going to stick with Tempys for now, but may change that on my next go around. As I was having trouble maintaining a board presence, this deck will focus more on survival and some slight changes to the direct damage. Hopefully adding in more creatures that deal direct damage will be better than just having the spells.


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That’s all for this time. Make sure to finish strong!

finish strong

Hopefully most games go as well as this one.

Until next time, get your games in!


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