Neverwinter – Finding the dragons and a celebration


Garrundar the Vile

I’ve done it again! I found another dragon in the free to play mmorpg Neverwinter. I continue to recommend checking this game out. The content so far is amazing and I’m enjoying every minute. In a previous blog, I talk about the quest to slay the dragon in Dungeons and Dragons and the excitement when victorious. Often in my case, I was the beaten down half-ling that the dragon usually one-shot. Exciting either way! I recently hit level 40 and hadn’t done a skirmish in a few days as I was focusing on Foundry missions. So I queued up for Garrundar the Vile, ignored the skirmish description, and soon found myself fighting off lizards. This was my first encounter with lizard monsters and I soon saw the icon pop on the screen telling me that I had slain 50 lizards! Only 450 more to go for another title! Had I read the description then I would have known what was coming at the end, but when I turned my character around I was staring at a giant black dragon, Garrundar! Neverwinter does a great job ensuring these skirmishes are challenging. This dragon was not easy to lay to rest, but after a solid twenty minute battle we were victorious. I’m sure it doesn’t take every pug this long, but the fighting was intense. At one point Garrundar buffeted me off the cliff and I plummeted to my death just like my instant deaths in table top D&D. In the end, there can only be one dragon slayer (and their companion.)Image

I mention the companion here because around level 40, my great weapons fighter was having survivability problems. One of the rewards I had gotten was a cleric companion. This  character follows me around everywhere I go and heals me constantly saving me precious (expensive) potions.

I’ve had quite a few adventures over the past week, slaying dragons, celebrating Lliira, exploring caves, and mines. This coming weekend I will be featuring a Foundry series called the Madness Plague. This is a four part series that when run together should take about an hour to complete. I enjoyed the Necropolis Saga and hope this one is half as good.



My first horse!

Here’s my horse Paul jumping through Protector’s Enclave where I celebrated Lliira this past week and bought a celebration mask. The event was simple and easy to participate in, perfect for my gameplay capabilities.

Stay tuned for more Neverwinter adventures as I close in on level 50 and begin to see what this game really has to offer.

Until next time, get your games in!


A baby red dragon! I killed it.


My first giant encounter! Yikes.


From the wolf den dungeon


This guy was definitely not happy to see me.


Why am I always getting bathed in flames.


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