Ascension – Key Players Part Three – Rise of the Vigil – Monsters

At this point, I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed playing Rise of the Vigil and gained experience utilizing the new energy mechanic. If you haven’t been here before, I suggest reading my previous two entries in this series:

Key Heroes

Key Constructs

In those two blogs I discuss energy and the cards we felt were keys to victory. Jacery855 and I have sat down and played through this stand alone expansion on many occasions. Looking forward to some gaming tomorrow if things work out!

The only guys that are left to cover are the monsters so let’s jump right in. This is the first set where I have felt that the monsters play a critical role in chasing down the victory. Many of the monsters in this set don’t just have an honor award and an effect. There are numerous energy thresholds as well making them stand out. Storm of Souls released a while back introducing trophy monsters and this set builds on that.

Key Players – Monsters


Save for meeting energy costs.

Finally a monster that costs two power to kill! These two trophy monsters help meet those energy thresholds that fire off those extra bonuses. Trophy monsters enter play like a construct when defeated and can be banished to gain the trophy effect. Unlike constructs, so far there isn’t anything that gets rid of trophy monsters once defeated. While you don’t gain much honor from these, what you gain later in the game should help you edge ahead late in the game.


Banish, twice!

I’ve stated in all my blogs that banishing the starter cards from your deck is a key point to victory. With the banish effects in this set being limited, this monster has a huge reward with an easy energy requirement. The honor is nice as well. Comparing this card to the previous four power monster you get an extra honor and the chance to banish two cards!


Draw Three!

Let’s face it, early in the game it’s hard to get to six power. You have an abundance of runes compared to a few power. This monster has a powerful honor reward, but if you’ve managed to grab those energy cards (maybe by killing the earlier trophy monsters) this card gives you a huge advantage fueling incredible turns.


While the initial honor value of this monster isn’t this great, the potential for a big swing in honor is found here. Typically you should have one to two energy on a given turn, but there are those turns where you draw a lot of cards and generate an insane amount of honor. I definitely would not let this card linger, especially if your opponent is landing those energy cards. You don’t want to be facing the end of the game with a narrow lead just to watch your opponent score a large honor gain with only five power.


Such a power house.

Just like the Tablet of the Dreamer, anything that lets you acquire or defeat something for free is a great card. Eight power is hard to achieve as well as seven energy. This card has the potential to win the game in one turn if you hit that energy requirement. Acquire and defeat all cards? Insane.


Now if you manage to kill the Herald of Doom while this promo monster is in play, I would say you will win the game. You would gain or defeat ten or more cards in a single turn. I love seeing cards like this as they give an underdog a chance to come out of nowhere and sweep the game right out from under you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ascension series. Look for more to come in the future. Stoneblade Entertainment just announced the next expansion set: Darkness Unleashed. From what I read in the article, this set is going to be incredible continuing the theme from Vigil and introducing cards that transform! You can definitely tell there are great things in store for Ascension as it soon makes a giant leap and expands on it’s digital presence with Ascension Online.

Until next time, get your games in!


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