SolForge – Deck Construction – Alloyin and Uterra

Previously I wrote about the first SolForge deck that I built. You can check that article out here for the information on my Alloyin Tempys build that seems to do really well. I have played hundreds of games this past week since the deck construction has gone live and two cards give me such a hard time if I cannot answer them fast enough. Often making a comeback impossible to achieve.




As a tribute to Grimgaunt’s awesome power. This is the highest rank 1 Grimgaunt I have managed so far.

As you can see, even at rank 1 this card can become a monster! With the Rageborn Hellion, I quickly found that combining the Hellion with swiftness cards games became increasingly difficult to pull out a victory. My first deck was not dealing with the Hellion effectively. My monsters were too small and my burn effects were not fast enough. I tried to change out some cards here and there, but ultimately I could not get past these two cards.

The beauty of online card games like SolForge is the capability to quickly edit your decks and try out your new ideas. With the strong AI that SolForge features, players should have an adequate chance to test out decks before competing against other players. Since you can choose what deck to play against, you can build the known tournament decks and easily have a gauntlet to test through without having to reveal your strategy online.

My first version is pictured below from my first SolForge blog.


My second version is pictured belowImage

Outside of the Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle, I found that Sonic Pulse was helping me win games buy stalling long enough for me to get my heavy hitters on the field. Magma Hound helped me gain those two for one advantages. However, I was still having trouble with Rageborn Hellion and Grimgaunt Devourer. I needed stronger creatures so I looked to Uterra. This faction not only has tougher monsters but also features restoration and health gain. While I lose the burn effects from Tempys, what I gain from keeping my creatures on the field should balance out the difference and give me a better chance against those decks.



While the Stag does not offer much in the offensive category, this does allow me to survive those fast onslaughts from the Tempys faciton. Soothing Radiance has the bonus of healing me as well as my creatures. I hadn’t given this card much thought originally and threw this in the deck to try it out and it has performed nicely.


I mentioned that Sonic Pulse was winning games for me so I tried out Electro Net as well. For this last deck I have put together, this card fits nicely into my plan to stay alive. The biggest problem I was having before was keeping my Synapsis Oracle alive. Adding Electro Net to the pool and using Soothing Radiance to maintain the Oracle allows you to level up multiple cards each turn.

Switching to Uterra seems to be working rather well. The creatures progress nicely and have some interesting effects late in the game. We’ll see what the game brings in the future. We still have not seen a majority of the cards. Previews are slowly trickling out at SolForgeGame. The most recent being Metamind Technician giving us a new robot to try out in our Alloyin decks.

Here is my latest version of my Alloyin and Uterra deck. 

OracleTechno Deck 2

You should be able to survive long enough to play your strongest cards and with the extra advantage of Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle you should be seeing plenty of level 3 cards when you reach level three.


One of my hands at level three.


These are the Heavy Hitters in the deck.

That’s all I have for this time. If you haven’t tried out these two factions give them a shot! Until next time, get your games in!



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