Neverwinter – Halfling adventures

It’s been a light week for Neverwinter this week, but my Halfling great weapons fighter was busy completing Foundry missions. I’ve gone from low 40’s into the upper 40’s and missed two dungeons along the way. The foundry has been exciting enough for me that I haven’t done any of the game quests for 15 levels or so which says a lot about the user generated content. I’ve ran through countless missions this week, most of which were simple enough. I finished the Netho’Relak Saga which I have two blogs about. I really recommend checking that series out. The Pirate City was an excellent choice as well. I’ll have another feature up later this week along with a dungeon feature hopefully. My best shots from last week are following, it seems I fought a lot of undead monsters during my adventures. If you haven’t checked out Neverwinter, it’s free why haven’t you?


Until next time, get your games in!


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