SolForge – Online Play Update – Deck Eight

SolForge rolled out another update this week giving beta users a new feature that we’ve all been waiting for. Online Play! This has been a good month for SolForge. A few weeks ago we were given a deck builder feature giving us a teaser to look forward to once the full set is released. So far about 60 cards are playable and the first set is up to 180+ cards. My previous posts have talked about deck construction and the decks I listed were decent and were solid against the Hard AI. With online play, however, they have not done too well. So, it’s back to the drawing board and new deck ideas. 


The online play feature was rolled out with a few other updates as well:

  • Friend List allowing you to search for friends.
  • Bot Battles – This is interesting as it allows you to watch an AI vs AI game. Should be fun to watch.
  • The usual performance and Bug Fixes
  • Card Changes – Big, big changes!

The best part about the Friend list is that it adds your recent matches to your list and gives you the option to challenge them. If you had a great match against someone, then load up your friend list and send them a challenge!





To see all of the card changes, head over to the SolForge website and check them out. Stoneblade didn’t just change a handful of cards, it looks like 37 cards have been changed! That’s a lot of changes to soak in!

The biggest changes seem to be Cull the Weak, Chrogias, Uterran Packmaster, Sonic Pulse, and Synapsis Oracle. 



Now a 40/40 at level 3 instead of 25/25!

Cull the Weak: 


Now destroys a creature based on attack values instead of based on levels.

Sonic Pulse:


Now reduces attacks by -3,-4,-5 instead of -3,-5,-10! This is a major change!

Synapsis Oracle: 


Had base attack/defense values changed, no longer trades with as many creatures.

Uterran Packmaster:


Now activates to give other Uterra creatures +1/+1,+3/+3,+5/+5

While there are plenty of other changes, these seem like some of the bigger ones. I’m surprised to see Chrogias jump up to a 40/40! What a beast! I’ve tried out my previous decks and quickly found that I needed to change them quite a bit. The leveling mechanic that was working well seems to have stalled out and is losing to Uterra regularly. The change to Uterran Packmaster was subtle, but you can now play other creatures and buff them on the same turn. I’ll just say playing two Packmasters on your first turn is hard to beat! 

I’ve decided to return to Uterra and Tempys to see how the buff mechanics are working since the update. My first build had Soothing Radiance and Windcaller Shaman, but I replaced those with Ferocious Roar and Shardplate Delver. 

The online play is working great! My only suggestion is to add a timer or get rid of the end turn button and automatically end turns after all activations, battle, and spell limits have been reached. I’m sure it’s coming, but a chat feature would be welcome as well!

Look me up in game if you want to play, my tag is LLauron. Until next time, get your games in!

Deck Eight



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