SolForge – Welcome to the digital age of trading card games – Deck Nine **Update**

SolForge is here! Even with only about 60 cards released so far, SolForge is an amazing fast paced digital ccg. Stoneblade Entertainment has given us a few updates this month introducing their deck builder and giving us online play. There was a massive overhaul to the existing card base that changed at least 37 of the cards available sending us all back to the drawing board. SolForge continues to impress and is set for an even larger update in August. Coming from the kickstarter update sent out today:

“In the coming month, we plan to introduce the complete first set of nearly 200 cards, tournament play, booster packs, and more!”

Incredible news! If you haven’t delved into the deck builder yet, I would get familiar with it. With tournaments coming soon, you need to get that practice in early! I cannot wait for booster drafts, it’s going to be exciting to see how everything pans out. The news that the first set is almost 200 cards is wonderful news. With only 60 cards so far, SolForge is an incredibly clever digital card game. Booster packs are going to add more depth to an already highly strategic game.

I’ve had some success with my latest deck featuring the best parts of Uterra with a splash of Nekrium. I’ll post the decklist today and dig into it once I make some adjustments over the next few days. Look me up in game through the online match features, just search for LLauron and send a challenge!


As a note – I’m finding that the Bonescythe Reaver and Hungering Strike aren’t as effective as I wanted. Those will be changing soon.

After a weekend of playing online, I have made the following changes:

-3 Hunting Pack                           +3 Deepbranch Prowler

-2 Hungering Strike                    +1 Cavern Hydra

-2 Bonescythe Reaver               +3 Engrage


I quickly found the Hunting pack just isn’t strong enough against other Uterra decks. Hungering Strike did not gain enough of an advantage when used. Bonescythe Reaver was not working well enough, I have more problems with level 3 creatuers than level 2 or below. The Hydra has worked well when buffed by a packmaster or an enrage. I am trying the Deepbranch Prowlers for the early game advantage. Combined with Packmasters and Ferocious Roars I keep a steady pressure on my opponent. I’m thinking about changing the Scourgeflame Sorcerer out for Blight Walkers. What do you think?

Until next time, get your games in!


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