SolForge – Deck Construction – Alloyin and Tempys

When the deck builder feature first went live, I visited the Alloyin and Tempys factions as my first deck. You can see that list here. Since then there’s been a major update changing most of our active cards and giving us a lot to adjust. There has been quite the discussion on Uterran Packmaster over at the SolForge forums. If you haven’t been to the forums yet I suggest checking them out. The community is quite active and there are some interesting discussions going on. Since there has been some complaints over this card I decided to go back and revisit my first two factions.

When I first built this deck originally before the patch, I was intent on controlling my opponent’s board using cards like Flameblade Champion and Firestorm. While these can be effective, I’ve noticed that it’s more about controlling certain cards that hit the lanes. Uterran Packmaster, Rageborn Hellion, Grimgaunt Devourer: these are all critical to take care of early. By the time Flameblade Champion was getting through or Firestorm was active, these critical cards all have a chance to get ugly. When multiples are in play your game gets out of hand fast. You need to use Windcaller Shaman to effectively utilize the champion and by itself I don’t like the windcaller that much. I think as we see more cards the windcaller will become much more useful.

You need to keep creatures on the field and they have to work for you. Meaning, just simply blocking a creature and trading isn’t going to be good enough. You need to lane your creatures appropriately. Try to create those situations where your creature destroys the opposing one and lives requiring your opponent to use another card to destroy your threat. Gaining card (or creature advantage) is crucial in this game. It’s extremely difficult to win without gaining and keeping that advantage. The more I play this game I notice the intricacies of lane placement.

With this deck I tried to keep that in min, focusing on controlling the key creatures and maintaining board prescence.


This is the answer to the level 1 Uterran Packmaster. Dealing 6 damage just about takes care of most of the level 1 threats that exist. A level 1 bolt can be quite effective late in the game as well, giving any creature defender can stall the game that one extra turn you need to win. I try to level this card in the first few turns.


Previously was 4, 8, 12.

Lightning Spark got a small buff with the latest patch. The extra point of damage at level 1 is nice. Takes care of most threats at level 1, including the very common Spring Dryad, Echowisp combo. This is in here for not only creatures, but for those final turns with a full board and an opponent low on life.


Now gives +2, +3, +6 attack and +2, +3, +6 armor. No longer gives health bonus

This spell helps create that advantage you need. Armor is an interesting mechanic, and if used effectively can win games. The health bonus wasn’t really needed as the armor buff was strong enough. You need robots to use this effectively and for this reason I took out all of my Tempys creatures to focus on robots.


Now 7/7 at level 2. Previously was 8/8.

I have talked previously about leveling your cards. This creature is in here strictly for that extra level up. I primarily want to use this to level up Scrapforge Titan since it is weak at level 1. The debuff at level 2 hurts, but this is still a solid card.


This is our heavy hitter in the deck. Weak at level 1, solid at level 2, and a beast at level 3. Try to level this early with Technosmith. The armor bonuses make this hard to kill and force your opponent to focus on this lane or take 20 damage a turn.


Now 2/3, 6/8, 8/14. Previously was 3/3, 8/8, 14/14.

The Matrix Warden is one of those cards that makes you think. I included this card for the bonus to attack which gets some of my other cards attack up high enough to take out threats. One of my favorite early turn plays is an Ionic Warcharger followed by a Matrix Warden to make a 7/7 move 1 robot.


This card was suggested to me on the forums in respsonse to one of my decklists. I’ve tried it out and love this card especially at level 2. The move mechanic is nice and especially late combined with the Matrix Warden can sneak the last points of damage needed to get the victory. The stats on this creature are nice.


Now 4/3, 8/7, 13/12. Previously was 5/3, 9/7, 14/12.

This card did get an attack debuff, but is still highly effective at creating those two for one moments that lead to victory. There are so many times when a creature is left with a few ticks of life left and this guy hits the field destroying that creature and trading with another one. This was the one exception to having only Alloyin creatures in the deck. This will get you the final points you need to off the Rageborn Hellion and Uterran Packmaster.


Forge Sentry is in here mostly because of it’s armor and being a robot for Tech Upgrade. I don’t usually use this as one of my two spells for the turn early in the game, but try to level it with Technosmith when Scrapforge Titan isn’t available.


Level 3 now 14/15. Previously was 17/20.

This is the best card in the deck. Armor 5/10/15 for your field is highly effective at creating favorable board presence. The nerf at level 3 does not matter in the long run, you want the armor provided by this card. The single turn armor buff is all you need to swing the game back into your favor. Combined with a level 3 Scrapforge Titan this card makes for some fun games.

Lacking in this build is the Synapsis Oracle. While this deck likes to level cards for free, I felt it was necessary to include another robot instead of the Oracle and so I included the Forgeplate Sentry. Without the basic stat nerf to the Oracle, I would have run it over the Technosmith.

I was surprised by the success I’m having with this deck. I wasn’t sure how effective it will be. I have not fully tested this out just yet and have had the most trouble with Uterra/Tempys combinations. I’m not suggesting this is the best deck out there, but for what we have available to us this deck should get you some good wins.


That’s all I have for this Deck Construction, check back soon for more to come. In the meantime, check out the first community spotlight over at Forgewatch for some other SolForge fan content, there’s some great stuff there!

Until next time, get your games in!

Latest victory with the deck

Board Presence


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