Ascension Preview – Darkness Unleashed Expansion and by Stoneblade Entertainment

It was recently announced that the next expansion coming to Ascension is called Darkness Unleashed. This set will continue to expand upon the energy and treasure mechanics from the previous set, Rise of the Vigil. A new mechanic, transform, is also being introduced. Darkness Unleashed officially goes on sale September 18th but if you are fortunate enough to attend GenCon you can buy it early at the convention.

Some cards in this set will have two versions of itself via a transform mechanic. Here’s an example shared on the Ascension website.


This is essentially a Lionheart from Storm of Souls without the Unite effect. However, when the energy requirement is met this card transforms itself into something new. It is pointed out that once a card transforms it does so permanently. Here is the transformed Cobra Shaman.


There are two things to note here. The played effect alone doubles the honor gained when playing this card and the corner honor value increases as well. Quite the reward for meeting an energy threshold, a swing of 14 honor if played and transformed and played a second time. Combined with other cards that gain honor this could lead to some interesting turns.

The following previews have been shown on the Ascension Facebook fan page.


Dendris here is quite exceptional. There has been some discussion on the forums about this card being overpowered, but the requirement seems fair. I doubt you want games where you buy cards that are always too difficult to hit energy thresholds. Sometimes you just don’t have treasure cards fall your way. The potential to gain 4 runes, 4 power, and 4 honor is good. Similar to Sabre the Moonlit from Immortal Heroes the bonus here is doubled at the expense of drawing two cards. Also, I believe we are looking at a dragon in this picture!


Another interesting monk card. This will make acquiring those treasure cards easier. I will have to play some games to see just how good this card happens to be. We have seen monks over all of the expansions and they are always adept at manipulating constructs and the center row. I enjoy seeing the new versions with each set.


More ongoing trophy monsters! I loved the ones from Rise of the Vigil. Any card that stays on your field and has effects on the game are good to get. The potential that this card has is amazing and will make you hit those energy requirements more often. It can be difficult to get to that seven attack mark, however.


Another enlightened construct that we can banish to gain an effect. Quite the bonus here, as there are usually a few treasures in that center row. This may be what we needed to help balance the skew of treasures going to one player.


A second transform preview! What’s not to like about a card that gives you 4 power and banishes a card? Let’s see the transformation.


By the time you acquire this and transform it you should be set up to the point where you do not need your starting cards. This is the first card I believe that has the potential to banish more than two cards at a time. I like the fact that transforming cards also increases it’s corner honor value, a nice bonus in case the game is over before playing the new card.

Cacklecast Wretch

Four honor for four power is similar to buying a mechana construct. The important thing to note about this card is that it rewards the player for reaching an energy threshold of four esentially giving you free honor and another opportunity to use four power on another target. Not too bad and a new direction for a monster reward.

This is an exciting time for deck building games and digital card games in general. Soon, we will be playing Ascension Online and SolForge is starting to kick into gear. If you’re interested in SolForge, I have a multitude of blogs about the game on my blog. Looking forward to more previews down the road. Until next time, get y our games in!

This blog will update as new cards are revealed.


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