SolForge Update – Next Update early August and GenCon News

This past Tuesday, Justin Gary hosted the weekly stream over at TwitchTV. Like Kibler, Justin played through about four games with viewers while answering questions that popped up on the chat. There was a lot of information given out and it’s not readily available on their website so I am going to bullet out a long list of important information Justin provided to us.

July 30, 2013 Twitch.TV stream info

August Update Information

  • A full set release is targeted for early August, prior to GenCon.
  • Approximately 180 cards will be in the first set.
  • The update is for PC and Ipad bringing the two platforms together.
  • New music and sound effects by Ghostkick

It looks like the full beta is going to be out in time for their GenCon presence this year. Justin made some comments regarding GenCon as well.

  • A Chrogias T-Shirt will be available for purchase at GenCon.
  • Stoneblade Entertainment has their largest space to date at GenCon.
  • SolForge Set 1 will be on display.
  • Ascension will be present as well featuring many tournaments over the four days, including release championships and a World Championship Tournament.
  • Darkness Unleashed will be available for purchase.
  • They will be at Pax Prime as well.
  • An unannounced promotion for SolForge will run at GenCon as well.


Justin mentioned the Steam Promotion is still active, but is running out soon and recommended buying the packs at half price while you can. I used my Kickstarter store credit reward and locked in some promotion packs from the SolForge website after this stream. There’s a limit to 5 per account. Justin also mentioned that the money from Kickstarter has only covered 1/3 of the cost to produce SolForge. If you haven’t got in on the Steam deal or the pack promotions time is running out to do so!

Updates on the first set itself

  • Approximately 180 cards.
  • There are multiple draw spells in the set
  • No Structures in Set 1 (Still working on the interface for them)
  • Rageborn Hellion will have a functionality change in the update
  • Synapsis Oracle is getting a small buff.
  • Chrogias Level 2 should have defender

Unlike most collectible card games that have large set releases followed by expansions, SolForge plans to have small content updates within the first few months. The digital presence allows for them to constantly provide new cards.

Future Updates

  • Will still have 6 save slots at release, more to come later.
  • Hi-Res images were pushed back to release beta by August.
  • No plans to add more lanes for combat (Have to keep UI simple for mobile).
  • Delete friends option coming soon.
  • Chat is low on the priority list (As a side note, chat is available in Steam).
  • Alternate art cards.
  • Kickstarter T-Shirt should be revealed this week.

Quite a lot to look forward to here down the road. While I would love to be able to save more decks with 180 cards coming at us, It’s not too difficult to keep track of deck lists in other ways. I have screenshots saved of mine in a SolForge folder.

Trading will not be available in August, but they are working on this.

  • Talked about being able to exchange extra cards to the online store in a “crafting” style.
  • Allowing trading between players
  • Gifting between players
  • Possibly an auction house

DoTA 2 fans will enjoy an Echowisp promotion which will be a custom DoTA courier of Echowisp in that game. This is to help bring in more players as Stoneblade does not have the money to be able to mass advertise for their games. This is where we need to step up and share more on social media sites! I share something almost daily on Twitter @LLauron.

Justin took an opportunity to show off the booster pack animation and told us that the rarities of the cards have been assigned. It looks like boosters will have 8 cards and from what I could tell there are different tiers of booster packs available. He talked about the community growing from the first few thousand kickstarter supporters to having more than twenty thousand players currently. There are approximately 200 users online playing at most times.


Our preview for the week was Doomwing, a new Dragon! Looks to be a solid card all around and another creature that can affect the board state without an attack!


Exciting news all around, here’s hoping Justin hosts the stream more often! Looking forward to the update and GenCon! Until next time, get your games in!


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