Dungeon Roll by Tasty Minstrel Games

Dungeon Roll



GenCon 2013 is a great weekend for gamers as companies come together to one location and offer us a look at the newest and greatest games they have to offer. This year over 49,000 people rolled into Indianapolis and together we had a wonderful weekend full of gaming. I came home with more games than usual, and I am most excited about picking up Dungeon Roll.

This is a dungeon delving game where you take on the role of an adventurer and seek the treasure of a dungeon. Like any dungeon type game, this one is filled with Monsters and you must take them head on if you want to have your fame and fortune. Be careful not to be too greedy or seek the wrath of the dragon! Packaged in a clever box, this game is easy to set up and simple to learn.




Players start out by forming their party using the seven party dice to form the party that is going to venture into the dungeon.  There are six possible rolls for each dice: Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Mage, Champion, and Scroll. Another player will control the monsters of the dungeon using the seven dungeon dice. The possible rolls on these dice are Goblin, Skeleton, Ooze, Dragon, Potion, Chest. After forming the party, the player delves into the dungeon at level one and the dungeon master will roll one dungeon dice. As play progresses, the number of dungeon dice rolled increase based on the dungeon level. 





Each party dice can defeat an individual monster, and depending on the monster has a chance to defeat all of a single type of monster. The Fighter can kill all Goblins, the Mage all Oozes. Champions can defeat all of any type of monster. After you clear each level, you can continue deeper into the dungeon or return to town gaining experience and ending your delve. Scrolls and potions are strategic rolls that allow you to re-roll dice and resurrect fallen party dice.


Play progresses until each player has had three delves at which point the player that has gained the most experience is the winner. As you progress through the dungeon and roll Dragons, these are set inside the dragons lair until three dragons have been rolled. Once clearing anything else from the level, the adventurer must face off against the dragon where you will need three unique party members to slay the dragon and gain access to the treasure troves. Once defeated you gain an experience point and a treasure token. Image


At the end of the game treasure tokens are worth one experience each and are added to your hero’s total from the three delves. A simple but highly entertaining game that provides more than just a random dice roll by adding heroes and treasure tokens that change the outcomes of each level of the dungeon. We had a blast playing this back at our hotel room at night and I look forward to playing this during our game nights. If you’re like me and enjoy short entertaining games, then give this one a roll and see how far you can lead a party into the dungeon. 

I’ll leave you with the heroes that come with the base game. I’ll be doing a video soon and walking through a delve. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel and follow me on twitter. Until next time, get your games in! 




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