SolForge enters open beta with daily rewards for playing

SolForge went into open beta a few days before GenCon rolled into Indianapolis. After a few server issues the first few days, the game is up and running fairly smooth (ipad users are still experiencing some issues). Players were given their packs from the Steam early release and any purchased through the SolForge webstore. 

Players have the option of purchasing three types of boosters at the moment.



Players also have the option of buying gold to purchase better booster packs.



Packs contain cards as follows:

  • Basic Booster Pack – 3 cards including a guaranteed Rare and a chance for a Heroic, or Legendary card.
  • Normal Booster Pack – 8 cards including 2 guaranteed Rares and a chance at a Heroic or Legendary card.
  • Premium Booster Pack – 10 cards including a guaranteed Legendary card, 3 rares, and 3 Heroic cards

Having opened over 100 packs I’ve decided to hoard my silver until the next set comes out and rely on daily rewards to increase my card pool. Players are reporting that rewards include silver and a chance at a single random card or booster ranging from common to legendary and basic to premium. With three opportunities daily to get these rewards, SolForge feels truly free to play. I’ve played quite a few of these games now that have daily rewards and none of them compare to SolForge.

If you haven’t tried SolForge yet, give it a shot. You start with a starter deck that’s easy to get started with, and you quickly gain new cards every day at no cost. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting deck deconstructions using my available card pool so stay tuned and be sure to follow me here and on twitter!

Until next time, Get your games in!



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