SolForge – Deck Construction – Alloyin and Tempys

This post has been updated at the bottom with an updated deck list! (09/06)

SolForge is LIVE! Packs are being cracked, decks are running rampant, and daily rewards are being handed out like candy. All you have to do is log in to SolForge daily, win your first game against AI or a real person, and win 3 games in the same manner. Easy right? It truly is in this Free to Play collectible card game by Stoneblade Entertainment. Boasted by the company as wanting to be a true free to play game, I feel that they have done exactly that. Daily rewards give out enough silver to buy 3 basic boosters a day and even give out packs or an individual card for each reward. We’re not just talking some common card or basic pack. These rewards include a chance at each rarity possible, including the Premium Boosters (approximately $15).Image

A few updates have come out since GenCon.

  • The next major update should include tournaments for constructed and draft, possibly in September.
  • Trading is going to be implemented but is being limited to cards that are not acquired through silver or free tournaments. I’m not sure how I feel about restricting what you can trade, but I can see how this would stop people from creating multiple free accounts to get cards to trade. Rewards from tournaments will be tradeable if entry was paid for with gold again restricting our trade options. I will have to wait and see how gold tournaments work before deciding if I like this or not. One of the reasons I enjoy SolForge is the free-to-play apect, but I will likely not be playing in a lot of gold tournaments just so I can trade cards.
  • There is an excellent article over at Forgewatch that talks about recent announcements and has a link to an interview with Justin Gary.

My initial task was to open my 100 boosters from Kickstarter store credit and Steam early pack sales and build decks. After a few days of rewards I’ve settled into an Alloyin and Tempys build that is running fairly well at the moment. I haven’t narrowed down my final choices as you will see by individual legendary cards. I also don’t have 3 of any one legendary yet as well.

This deck relies heavily on boosts to attack using creatures that become stronger as the game progresses and utilizes creature destruction to help control the field and allowing your buffed guys to swing across and wreak some havoc. As I get more cards, I feel this deck will continue to get better.

Alloyin and Tempys


Firefist Uranti is an interesting creature. By itself not overly strong but with the right combinations, this guy can be a beast. With the attack buffs in this deck I can usually clear a path for some damage and also have the benefit of attacking with the added atttack. I chose permanent attack buffs for this deck.

ImageAlloyin General provides a small boost early in the game, but enough that Firefist Uranti can be utilized effectively during the early ranks. This guy is amazing late in the game as well. Combined with the buff from Battle Techtician help make our creatures ferocious.ImageSimilar to the Alloyin General this guy provides that small boost for the Firefist Uranti to warrant playing him in the deck. A 3/7 at rank 1 is solid as well, once combined with a general it trades with most level 1 cards and survives spells as well. Vulnerable to Cull the Weak if you don’t get the attack buffs on the board.Image

There was a Tempys attack buff available but this is a permanent boost and it’s what I elected to use. I try to get one ore two of these leveled up to make later Firefist Uranti’s do some serious damage. Also, this is a good way to boost the Cinderfist Brawler and at level three have a possible 58+ damage swing, enough to turn any game around.

Cinderfist Brawler

The brawler often has a clear path and gets damage pushed through to the opponent, with several attack boosts in the deck this creature can be deadly fast.


Jet pack is another permanent attack boost that I included to help boost the Firefist Uranti. Also useful to battle Uranti Bolts and surprise them with an attack. I may end up cutting this card and trying out something different. I may not need a fourth attack boost spell. I am leaning towards energy prison as a way to battle large level three creatures.


These next three cards all help control the board and help keep your creatures doing damage to your opponent. The Magma Hound usually gives us card advantage which is extremely important in this game. It usually doesn’t stick to the board for very long often offing a creature and trading with another one in the same turn.

ImageThe bolt got a debuff with the latest patch, but is still a great card to play and level up due to the damage of the level 2 and level 3 versions. Defender is a bonus as well.


I didn’t originally include the Savant in my first build, but have elected to try it out. With multiple sources doing damage to opponents creatures I hope to get some use out of this card. At level 3 this card is very solid.


With plenty of board control the flameblade is useful early on in the game against the swarm decks. I will likely bump this card to two copies if I open another one. As Firestorm effects all creatures, I went with a board sweep option that did not hurt my side of the field.

This card is not working properly and the buffs that are given from creatuers are not triggering the ability. Once this is changed, I think this card will be much more useful and I will include three copies in the deck. All the abilities this creature has at level three is amazing.


This card is currently in the deck because it’s legendary and I get quite a few unblocked attacks in. Once I have more cards this will come out, but in the mean time this creature is getting the job done.


Thanks for reading, please respond to the poll and until next time, get your games in!


Current Version!


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