SolForge – Weekly Update

The weekly stream over at twitch was a few days ago and a lot of information was given out in this weeks stream. The Stoneblade team is gearing up for PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend and if you were at GenCon you know how impressive their booth is. The biggest updates given this week were about the next major update that should be coming in September or October. No dates were given and the update will be released “when it is ready.”

Update #1

  • Tournament Play
  • Matchmaking
  • Small set of new cards


When Kibler talked about tournaments in SolForge they were not described as your usual multiple round swiss format with pairings and a required amount of time needed to complete a tournament. SolForge is going to have small three round constructed and draft tournaments that will complete as the player is able. Meaning, you do not have to complete each round in one play session. Players will be grouped each round based on their number of wins and which round they are on. Pretty exciting not to have to dedicate multiple hours at a time for a small tournament. For these tournaments prizes are based on individual performance and are not tied to other players results in the tournament. Prizes will elevate and increase during each round and the more wins you get the better your prizes will be. Kibler mentioned tournament tickets should be available as rewards and “going infinite” is possible if you are successful. Conventional tournaments are planned as well, but the primary focus will be the three round tournaments as described.


Drafts will not rely on other players to get started. Once entered into a draft, a player will open up their first pack that will contain one card from each of the factions. After selecting two cards and choosing the two factions to draft the player will proceed to open 14 packs choosing two cards from each pack to form a 30 card deck. The remaining 14 packs will only contain cards from the two factions that were chosen from the first pack.


Matchmaking is being introduced as well and will pair players with similar ratings. For this system, players will start out at a low rating and progress to higher ratings as they begin to win games against opponents online. This should let new players ease their way into online play and be paired against similarly skilled players.

Not much was said about the small set that is coming with this major update. We know that it should be 20 cards and contain cards from each faction. Still undecided on how players will acquire the new cards, but Kibler said that it will not be too difficult and they will likely be part of daily rewards and tournament awards as well as in booster packs.

Other News:

  • The Kickstarter Avatar and Promo card are coming once they are ready. The promo card will be an alternate art card.
  • Kickstarter Shirts have been shipped out and should be arriving this week.
  • Reward timers are being looked into as well as the timer functionality.
  • The second update should be our trading update and addition of a crafting system. Trading has not been worked out just yet but is coming soon. They have said that you will only be able to trade cards that have been purchased with gold. Rewards and silver basic packs will not be tradeable.
  • Achievements are on the horizon and will have rewards linked to them.
  • Campaign will come next year.
  • Chat is likely to start with a basic macro set
  • Kibler’s favorite card is the Phoenix

This stream was packed with tons of information, I recommend taking an hour each week to watch them. If you don’t catch them live, they are available afterwards.

My previous article featured a deck that I am having success with, check it out here.

Until next time, get your games in!


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