SolForge Weekly Update for 09/10/2013

SolForge had it’s weekly stream on TwitchTV yesterday, if you missed it you can watch the archived broadcast here. For a brief run down on new information continue reading!

There will be a smaller update released sometime ‘relatively’ soon. This is not going to be the major update that introduces tournament play and matchmaking. Although, matchmaking is a possibility sometime after this small update and before the major update later in the year.

Small Update

  • Implementing timing system improvements by reducing the timer to 20 minutes.
  • Adding a next game button making multiple games at once easier to navigate.
  • Some card fixes/changes are possible. There are some “Game rule engine level fixes” that will be implemented and Hinterland Watchman and Lightshield Patrol were mentioned.
  • Matchmaking may be implemented. Kibler wasn’t sure if this would be live with the update. The ability is server side and won’t require an additional update on the user end.
  • Adding a Silver/Gold purchase option to add additional deck slots to your account.

Kibler gave an update on the flavor text contest and said that the implementation of flavor text was far more technical than anticipated and this feature has been pushed back until earlier mentioned features have been added to the game. They have narrowed down their choices and should have an announcement soon for the winners.

There is currently a screenshot contest going on over at their Facebook page.

That was about all of the new information given out this week. The next major update should happen in the next month or so which will add tournaments to the game. Also, there was a rather large tournament last night hosted by some folks over at Reddit. Prizes were given out and many provided by Stoneblade. The top 16 deck lists have been posted here.

I stream regularly on TwitchTV stop by and say hello and challenge me in game!

Until next time, Get your games in!


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