SolForge deck construction – Alloyin Steelforged Avatar Draw

This weeks deck features a deck that has performed well the past few weeks in the community hosted constructed tournaments, winning a 32 man event and placed in the top 8 of the last Reddit 256 player tournament.  If you don’t know about these great tournaments head over to the forums and get started.

This deck features the Alloyin faction and focuses on getting as many cards in your hand as possible and laying down very large Steelforged Avatars. To get there the deck relies heavily on Energy Surge, Ghox, Metamind Paragon, and Metamind Adept. I have made a few changes to the deck mostly because I do not have a second Ghox, Metamind Paragon or the Gargoyle that was played. I have replaced a Jet Pack that was used for the Gargoyle and the missing Ghox with an Ionic Warcharger and Call the Lightning. The latter has been performing well and has pushed me into a victory on several occasions. I also have a copy of and Aegis Conscript to see how it works alongside the Avatar.

My current list:


The deck features two primary attack boosts that help keep you in the game while playing weaker offensive creatures early and adding a significant boost to your avatars late in the game.  Alloyin General can provide up to twelve attack at level three and has a large amount of health to stay on the board. This helps you maintain a board presence and helps stabilize the field moving into the higher levels. Be sure to place your creatures on the field in such a way to take advantage of the adjacent lanes as you will need the boost in attack.


While Alloyin General is on the field, creatures you control adjacent to it have +6 attack.

Steelforged Avatar is the all-star in this deck. At level 1 this creature will be a 7/7 Armor 1, one of the highest stats of any level 1 creature, and trades favorably most of the time. At level 2 this creature is an 11/11 Armor 2, and at level 3 becomes a 15/15 Armor 3. These are the base stats before factoring in any extra cards you may have drawn from Energy Surge, Ghox, or adepts. It is possible at level 3 to play three level 3 energy surges, draw 3 cards from a Ghox along with 3 cards from an adept to net a gain of 11 cards adding 33/33 health to your avatar. Combine this with the other 4 cards that started in your hand and you are playing a 45/45 Armor 3 creature. I have quite a few pictures posted on my twitter count showcasing the power of this card.


When Steelforged Avatar enters the field, it gets +3 attack and +3 health for each Alloyin card in your hand. Armor 3

Energy Surge powers the avatar and is a free card at level 2 and 3. This card needs to be leveled up early. Take advantage of your Technosmith and Oracles to get this card leveled up to power your later turns. I tend to take a good amount of damage at level 2 to ensure that level 3 is extremely difficult to deal with.


Draw three cards.

Battle Techtician is the other attack boost in the deck and combines well with the general. This card has decent stats at level 2 as well and I will often avoid the center row to take out an enemy creature if necessary. This is another card that helps you keep a favorable board state and allows you to set up your late game.


While Battle Techtician is in the center lane, other creatures you control get +8 attack.

Technosmith is one of those cards that is weak at level one but becomes a powerful level two card. This card allows you to get the multiple card levels that you need. I try to use this card to level my Energy Surges early and when I can finish off an enemy creature and level a card as a bonus. 15/15 at level 3 is a solid stat as well and handles most level three cards when combined with Techtician or General.


When Technosmith enters the field, you may discard a card and level it.

Sonic Pulse isn’t as good as it was early on in the beta, but this card takes pressure off of you by gaining board advantage. There isn’t much difference in the levels going from -3 to -5 attack and is primarily in the deck to keep your creatures on the field doing what they do best.


Each creature an opponent controls gets -5 attack.

Metasculpt is the answer to those annoying abilities that cause everyone trouble. A good answer to Zimus and Savants, try to get this to level three. This is another card I will level up with Technosmiths and Oracles when given the chance. At level 3 this is a free card to play and a great benefit to your deck.


Target creature loses all abilities.

The second drawing element of the deck comes in the form of a creature. The Metamind Adept is weak in health but draws those extra cards to fuel the avatar. This creature has enough attack to take out a good number of creatures and I primarily use this card to block and trade while drawing myself a card. I try to avoid playing this card as my last card in a turn if I haven’t run through my supply of Avatars. There’s nothing worse than drawing into an avatar that you cannot play when that is the primary card that is going to win your games.


When Metamind Adept enters the field, draw three cards.

Synapsis Oracle is another way to get your cards leveled up and one reason why the Techtician and General are in the deck. The Oracle has a weak offense and rarely defeats creatures unless combined with these cards. I try to avoid playing this card when my opponent has pressure on me and wait until my board is in control. Sneak a level up through a Technosmith when an Energy Surge or Metasculpt isn’t available to discard. The level three ability is really good!


Activate: Level a card in your hand.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t have the two copies of Ghox so I included the Tempys card, Call the Lightning. I was finding that in some of my matches we would go back and forth playing our cards and attacking. My avatars would survive but my opponent wouldn’t take damage and my opponent would have another turn to get a victory. When you are playing 30/30+ avatars that don’t destroy just about any creature on the board, adding +8 attack and a second attack gives you quite a swing in life often combining with the win. This is another copy that I level up via Technosmith and Synapsis Oracle and have played the card outright to destroy some annoying creatures.


Creatures you control get +8 attack this turn, and they battle an additional time this turn.

Ghox, Metamind Paragon is the final card that helps boost your Steelforged Avtar. Drawing an extra three cards at level 3 gives you a lot of card advantage. Weak on the offense isn’t too bad with the attack help in the deck, but don’t expect this card to win games for you. Play him when you have advantage to set up those final turns and try to get him leveled as the game progresses.


At the start of your turn, draw three cards.

I haven’t tested Aegis Conscript too much yet, but I have enjoyed the extra armor it provides at level one and two. If you’re short on Ghox this might be a decent card to substitute until you get the copy you need.


When Aegis Conscript enters the field, you may have target creature you control get Armor Armor 4.

The Warcharger has favorable stats at all levels but is mostly filler until I get a copy of a gargoyle or another Ghox. The mobility helps out quite a bit as well.


Mobility 1

I’m having a lot of success playing this deck and think that it is extremely fun to play. The deck takes some getting use to and the order you play cards each turn is vital to winning. Avoid playing your avatars last unless you are playing the adepts first. I’ve done this countless times and realize the mistake almost immediately. The bigger the creature the better!

That’s all I got for this deck, I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime be sure to check out some great sites for SolForge.

Card Database



Also follow me on twitter for all my SolForge announcements and also on TwitchTV as I stream on a regular basis.



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