Digital Collectible Card Games

Forgive me if I miss a digital card game. This past year has been an incredible year for taking the well known collectible card game market and re-introducing the genre into the digital era. I haven’t been able to narrow down which game I want to play as they all have their individual nuances. 

Most of my time is divided up between the following:


I’m partial to SolForge because I discovered this game first, backed the game through Kickstarter, and have actively played since the beta was released. This game features unique gameplay via a lane battle system. Players can play two cards out of a five card hand on each of their turns. Cards you play are leveled up and replaced with more powerful versions for you to play later in the match. Featuring generous daily play rewards, this game is easy to get started with. Players are given a starter deck and quickly amass new cards every day. 

Ininity Wars

I have not played too much of Infinity Wars yet, but the game looks good! There are two ways to win by destroying their ‘health’ or ‘morale’. Cards are played in support, defense, and assault zones allowing for a unique play experience. The campaign gives you a good grasp of the game and you are bombarded with cards throughout the full campaign. I’m not sure how good this is once you start playing against other players, but I enjoyed playing through the campaign. Time will tell if this game is going to be a good one. It looks good to me.


Hex TCG was an extremely successful kickstarter campaign raising over $2 million. Recently they sent alpha invites out to supporters and although the client is full of bugs (as they warned us it would be) the game looks amazing. Deck building is active allowing players to build decks from the selection of cards that currently ‘work’ in the alpha and players can then play against the AI or other players. A chat system is implemented and the game looks to be progressing as planned. This is another game that I kickstarted and am looking forward to the official beta release coming up.


I was recently given a beta invite to Hearthstone and I have only played through the mage tutorial and i must say, “WOW!” This is what a digital card game should look to achieve. The beta looks extremely polished, there are amazing sound effects and voices for the heroes. The screen explodes when you destroy things and the game is nothing short of incredible. Players of the WoW TCG will feel at home and notice a lot of the artwork from their physical counterpart. Blizzard has done what they do best and are delivering an exceptional game. 

Duel of Champions

I had such high hopes for Duel of Champions. The gameplay is truly unique, featuring rows, columns, events, ongoing spells, hero effects. Then I learned more about it. The card management system is mundane. It truly is treated like a physical collection, meaning if you have a copy of a card in one deck then you cannot include it in another deck. In order to make building decks easy you will need to have several copies in addition to amount you have currently in another deck. Talk about not taking advantage of a digital space. Then there are the heroes that are obtained randomly in booster packs. When starting the game you choose a faction and are given a faction deck based on that decision. As you play through the campaign and gain new cards from other factions you are still stuck with those factions unless you purchase a booster that has a random hero inside of it. If they were to change these two aspects of the game, Duel of Champions would be near the top of my list. Unfortunately, the game is too restrictive for my tastes.

Gaming has come a long way this past year and if you are a fan of collectible card games, these games will provide you a different avenue to play. I’ve stepped up my twitchtv activity and actively stream these games (and others), feel free to stop by and see these games in action. 


2 thoughts on “Digital Collectible Card Games

    • In their current states, I enjoy SolForge the most. The game is simple, yet has a good amount of strategy involved. The most polished game is Hearthstone and is quickly growing on me. I’ve tried Card Hunter a couple of times and enjoyed it, but there are only so many card games I can play. They’ve done some updates recently as I’ve noticed on Twitter so I’ll have to give it another shot.

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