Ascension Online – Kickstarter update

Check your mail! Physical additions have been mailed out. I ordered the zombie starter cards because, well, zombies!!Image

They Kickstarter promo was also sent out. The Tower of Ascendancy seems to be fairly solid struct and the flavor text is pretty awesome!

Leave a piece of yourself behind, and look to others for the hope and strength to make you whole.”

The best news of all was the release of the initial beta of Ascension online. Featuring the first two sets to get us started the game seems polished and comes with some great background music as usual for Stoneblade Entertainment. Online play is currently disabled, but the computer AI gets the job done for now. Looking forward to them catching up on expansions and enabling those online battles. 

If they’re watching, hopefully Twitch.TV integration will be added into the program! Awesome job so far, can’t wait for it to go live.



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