Solforge 3-0 Draft Uterra Alloyin 02/11/2014

It seems I’ve turned a small corner in drafting SolForge. It was a slow start for me as the concept with SolForge is different than the traditional draft format the majority of us are used to. You are given an initial pack of six cards to choose a card from, then five, four, etc. Your pick also locks you into one of the four factions, and a pick from one of the remaining three factions will lock you into those two choices. The remaining cards you see will only be from those factions you selected. Your decks are 30 cards with no limit to how many of one card you will see. My draft today had 4 Grove Huntresses and they were working for the deck.


My deck list:

2 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Primal Surge
1 x Spring Dryad
1 x Deepbranch Prowler
2 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Enrage
4 x Grove Huntress
1 x Hunting Pack
2 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Deepwood Bear Rider
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Energy Prison
1 x Spark Bot
1 x Jet Pack
1 x Nexus Core
3 x Matrix Warden
1 x Sparkblade Assassin
1 x Aegis Conscript
1 x Heavy Artillery
2 x Ionic Warcharger

23x Creatures & 7 Spells

The bold cards I selected seemed to work extremely well in maintaining board presence. The Grove Huntresses allowed for my creatures to 2 for 1 on many occasions, and the buffs from Matrix Warden were amazing at rank three. I was unsure of how Spring Dryad would work for me, but when combined with Grove Huntress at player rank 2 the card proved to be incredibly strong. In my second and third match the Dryad made it above 20 attack with the help of Grove Huntress and my Aegis Conscript making the Dryad even harder to destroy. Sparkblade Assassin at rank 2 is a beast! Ionic Warcharger is solid at all three levels and the mobility was a tremendous help.

The italic cards were helpful in certain situations. The Gemhide Basher serves as pseudo removal and was handy in two of my matches. Swampmoss Lurker rank 1 was key in player rank 2 and were good trades against level 2 creatures.

I’ve found that spells aren’t as good as they are in constructed. This draft deck has 7 spells in it, and I only used Jet Pack once in all three games. I don’t believe I used any of the other spells at all. This may be due to the ‘buffs’ my Grove Huntress and Matrix Wardens provided. It’s just better to get a buff and a creature at the same time.

The deck had some complete duds due to lack of a better pick. The Nexus Core really stands out. I thought I would find a way to utilize primal surge to take advantage of the free ranks, but again had no need due to the Huntress buffs. Energy prison was also a card that I thought was going to be good for me, but I never had a situation where the spell was better than a creature.  Despite the dead cards I was happy the way the draft turned out and enjoyed my premium pack and next entry paid!

Since drafting was implemented, I have primarily been a 1-2 drafter. Watching other streamers has helped quite a bit and there are some good reads out there to help out with drafting. Mostly though trial and error has helped me out the most. I’ve turned the corner from a 1-2 draft, to a more consistent 2-1 draft with the occasional 3-0 drafts popping more frequently. Until next time Happy Drafting! 🙂


Completed my playset of Leafkin Progenitor!

There’s a lot going on for SolForge these days with Constructed/Draft tournaments, Cards of the Day, Forging coming in March (?), and hopefully trading soon. Community ran tournaments are back with Forgewatch starting qualifiers for another invitational. There’s an unheroic asynchronous tournament that started this week. What a great community!


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