#SolForge Draft 3-0 Alloyin Uterra 02/13/2014

Alloyin and Uterra drafts are lining up for me this week. Today’s list gave me another 3-0 victory. Before I give out my list I’ll share a few of my picks for some of the packs. 


Pack one, Pick one


The clear winner here for me was Battle Techtician. The all around buff is too good to pass up and it puts me into the Alloyin faction that has been doing extremely well in draft. The creatures in this faction are good at all levels and will be supported by Uterra if I’m able to get that pick as well. Runegrove Guardian is only during one turn of each player rank and cultivate seems hard to pull off if picking it first in the draft. Botanimate is solid removal, but I’d rather lock in the Alloyin faction first.


Pack two, Pick one

This pick was hard for me because Spring Dryad performed well in Tuesday’s draft, but I went with the Ionic Warcharger here due to the level 2 rank 9/12 stats. Pilot is also a strong card but forces you to play in the center row to get the most benefit. I like the mobility of the Warcharger here. With only one Uterra card, the Avatar is definitely not a card I’m going to pick. Energy Surge isn’t good for this draft and may be a constructed only card.


Pack 3, Pick One

This far into the draft I’m hoping to see some good cards show up. I’m looking for Matrix Warden especially. I don’t have too many solid cards yet in this draft. Battle Techtician, Ionic Warcharger, Bear Rider are solid at all levels, but I have some cards that are terrible. I doubt I’ll be playing Cadaverous Thicket or Ghostscale Cobra and the Basher is situational. Lurker is a good pick because it will trade off against rank 2 creatures at level 1 and has good attack stats later in the game. Two defenders in this pack and a forcefield along with a creature that gets better with armor. While I have picked two cards that provide armor the Forgeplate Sentry is the best card here at rank 2 and 3.


The List:

1 x Shardplate Delver
2 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Cadaverous Thicket
2 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Enrage
2 x Grove Huntress
1 x Ghostscale Cobra
2 x Deepwood Bear Rider
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Brighttusk Sower
1 x Battle Techtician
1 x Energy Surge
1 x Steelshaper Savant
2 x Matrix Warden
1 x Technosmith
2 x Lightshield Patrol
1 x Electro Net
1 x Nexus Pilot
1 x Aegis Conscript
1 x Jet Pack
1 x Forgeplate Sentry
2 x Ionic Warcharger

25 Creatures & 5 Spells

Staying close to this number of creatures and spells in all the drafts so far. Electro Net and Energy Surge didn’t get played in this draft, but Enrage and Strength in Numbers were good picks. I ended up getting my Matrix Wardens and Grove Huntresses that go well with the Battle Techtician and filled out my creatures with a second Warcharger, Lurker, and two Lightshield Patrols. Brighttusk Sower was solid at rank 2 which surprised me, but with the attack boosts the seedling traded with several creatures. 

If you’re looking for a game send a challenge to Llauron.

My final match was practically a mirror match and I was worried until the end of rank 3. Good match!


We were looking good here at the beginning of Rank 2


Going into rank 3 Chewbacca had regained the board, but I had a strong opening.


By the end of rank 3 we had good control.


Level 3 Techtician is a beast. Good game.


Flameblade Champion!


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