SolForge Draft 3-0 Nekrium and Uterra x2 02/15/2014

The title is correct! I drafted something other than Uterra and Alloyin. The cards just led me into Nekrium and Uterra yesterday. They tend to go well together in draft also, but it was difficult to put together a solid draft.

The List

1 x Lifeblood Dryad
1 x Oxidon Spitter
1 x Shardplate Delver
1 x Wildwood Sower
1 x Feral Instinct
2 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Cavern Hydra
2 x Enrage
2 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Deepwood Bear Rider
1 x Ether Hounds
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Brighttusk Sower
1 x Grimgaunt Predator
2 x Ghastly Touch
2 x Grave Ghast
1 x Zombie Infantry
2 x Scavenger Scorpion
1 x Grimgaunt Spectre
2 x Marrow Fiend
1 x Vengeful Spirit
1 x Charnel Titan

24 Creatures and 6 spells

I’ve discussed previously about some of these Uterra cards being great at rank 2. Swampmoss Lurker and the Deepwood Bear Rider trade up great in ranks 2 and 3 and force your opponent to answer them when you have board presence. The Shardplate Delver did better than expected, mostly I believe to the lack of consistent removal in draft. Ghastly Touch worked extremely well especially with the Charnel Titan that got the extra buff every time I played the creature. Six spells in this draft is in line with my previous drafts and Enrage was solid in all the games. 

Some of the dead cards in this draft were Vengeful Spirit, Lifeblood Dryad, Wildwood Sower. I picked the Dryad early because I had picked up the Ether Hounds, the two Sower creatures, and the Matriarch thinking I might get a good use out of it. It was just too difficult to try to fill the board without making unsavory trades on the board. All the games went relatively smooth once progressing through Rank 2 into 3 by ensuring I leveled the powerful rank 2 creatures.


I don’t understand why Pre-constructed deck legendary cards are available in Premium packs. It’s truly a bummer to see these cards time and time again instead of other premium cards.

Draft Two

This draft was exciting because I finally had 7 tickets on my free to play account. Do you only get event tickets from the first online win now? It took a week to get the opportunity to draft for free. This seems high when compared to Hearthstone where you can draft consistently every 2 days. I would expect 3-4 days for SolForge to be more appropriate since you keep the cards you draft in this game. Either way…

The List

1 x Venomfang
1 x Oxidon Spitter
1 x Toxic Spores
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Soothing Radiance
1 x Deepbranch Prowler
1 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Fangwood Ravager
2 x Deepwood Bear Rider
1 x Ether Hounds
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Grove Huntress
1 x Grimgaunt Predator
1 x Tarsus Deathweaver
2 x Necroslime
2 x Grave Ghast
1 x Zombie Infantry
1 x Gloomreaper Witch
2 x Necrovive
1 x Cull the Weak
1 x Grimgaunt Spectre
1 x Ghastly Touch
1 x Marrow Fiend
1 x Xithian Hulk
2 x Scavenger Scorpion

23 Creatures and 7 spells

This was the first draft that I didn’t get any Swampmoss Lurkers and I was worried that Rank 2 would be hard to get through. I had some surprises with a few of these picks. Necroslime was amazing at Rank 3 and after one activation almost always required two cards from the opponent to answer. This allowed me to fill the board and push damage through. Then we added Necrovive to Necroslime and the card just stayed on the field. Soothing Radiance saved my field during Rank 2 in most of my games allowing my creatures to trade wtih two to three creatures on the field. Grove Huntress pushed my Necroslime even higher and in one game buffed it out of range of a rank 3 Matrix Warden with +10 attack.

I played more spells than usual in this draft mostly due to Necroslime and pushing to keep it alive. The three bold spells definitely helped in that aspect of the draft. Toxic Spores and Cull the Weak never had a good opportunity to be played and I’ll most likely take any creature that is available next time. Ether Hounds provided great fodder for the Necroslime and those Bear Riders again were monsters to handle. 

I played these drafts on the ipad so I didn’t have a good chance to record my picks, but in both drafts Grimgaunt Predator was in the opening pack and put me in the Nekrium faction. It wasn’t a great card overall for me because I didn’t draft useful removal, but at level two the Predator had good presence after the initial trade and sitting at 13 attack on the board. 

I’m not sure which Legendary I got from my premium pack in this draft beacuse the Ipad still crashes occasionally when opening packs. I really should remember to close the app first and re-launch the app as that tends to help the crash sometimes.


That Necroslime would not die! Traded with a Scrapforge Titan and kept on trucking.




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