SolForge Draft Deck 3-0 with Alloyin/Uterra 2/18/2014

The List

1 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Spring Dryad
1 x Feral Instinct
3 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Toxic Spores
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Hunting Pack
1 x Soothing Radiance
1 x Grove Huntress
1 x Enrage
1 x Ether Hounds
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Metasculpt
1 x Cypien Augmentation
1 x Cypien Infiltrator
1 x Munitions Drone
2 x Steelshaper Savant
3 x Sparkblade Assassin
1 x Vault Technician
1 x Matrix Warden
1 x Metamind Adept
1 x Lightshield Patrol
2 x Aegis Pulse
1 x Aegis Conscript

23 Creatures and 7 Spells

I believe that Alloyin is the best faction currently in draft. So much so that in this draft my first pick was a Metasculpt to put me in that faction. My third pick was Enrage to add Uterra to my pool. If you’ve read any of my other draft posts, you’ll notice that I draft these two factions as often as I can. Uterra and Nekrium also perform well together, but I tend to 1-2 and 2-1 more often with that grouping.

This was a close draft for me in all of my matches and I was behind in all three rounds until player level 3. I had more spells than I wanted and too many hands I found myself with one creature option and 4 spells. Not what you want to see during player level 2. I drafted my ‘core’ set of cards that I try to get for draft: Matrix Warden, Sparkblade Assassin, and Grove Huntress. I wasn’t given the option to draft Swamposs Lurker and I passed on a Bear Rider to pick up a Matrix Warden. Drafting 3 Sparkblade Assassins made me feel better at the end.

I had some surprise picks that were amazing late in the draft: Steelshaper Savant and Grove Matriarch. I usually skip on Savants unless it’s the Uterra pick because I don’t like being forced to drop lower rank creatures to get the buff. In two of my games however, the savants really pulled through the games for me usually granting armor to my buffed Spring Dryad. Enrage and Strength in Numbers also helped keep my Dryad and Savants alive and kept my little guys free to push through damage. The treefolk in my screenshot went untouched for 4 rounds and got in 20 points of damage.


Some cards were dead picks: Cypien Augmentation, Toxic Spores, and Hunting Pack. Augmentation can be good, but it forces you to play into the center row. Maybe with movement creatures I would have played the card, but I would have given up too much to drop a creature into the center. The only time I played Toxic Spores was when I had those hands with 1 creature and 4 spells. I grabbed a Hunting Pack because of the Spring Dryad hoping for multiple triggers, but the RNG gods hate my account and I don’t spawn multiple packs. I’ll pick a Druid’s Chant next time over Hunting Pack.

The best part of draft is that chance to go 3-0 and get that premium pack. This is the first premium pack that has contained two Legendary cards for me and they were good ones! I will now have a Phoenix to trade since I picked up three when it was the card of the day this week. Just my luck! This pack also gave me my first Woebringer which is pretty exciting!


On a side note, it was announced this week that the Forgepost site is coming down which is what I’ve been using to simplify my deck lists into these posts. Hopefully someone picks up the source code and carries it on. I enjoy seeing my deck when it’s entered on the website. The site is also a great resource for a listing of all the cards.





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