SolForge Draft Deck 2-1 Alloyin and Uterra 2/20/2014

I forced Uterra by first picking Lifeblood Dryad with no Alloyin options in the first pack. My second pack had a Forcefield in it to grab the Alloyin faction. I was not very happy with the way this draft turned out. I turned down solid Nekrium and Tempys cards in those first two packs and I may have been able to draft a better deck. I am familiar with these two factions the most and forced the draft. My creatures are weak, but the Weirwood Patriarch is a machine when combined with the creatures I selected. Mossbeard Patriarch was fun to play and buff along with the Aegis Conscripts. 

In my first match I had a Mossbeard in Lane One, a Tower Vanguard in the middle, and a Aegis Conscript in 5. All of which got buffed by the Weirwood and stayed on the board for the rank 2 version to hit the field. In my second match, my cards were underleveled and I made some poor leveling decisions for favorable rank 1 trades when I should have focused on better rank 2 options for the later turns. My third match was extremely close taking me down to 15 health, but a solid 3.2 hand of Rank 3 Scrapforge Titan and Grove Huntress solidified the victory. 

I’m extremely happy to have gotten to two wins with this draft as I was expecting to only manage one victory. A third win was within my grasp, but I learned from those mistakes and I’ll take the 5 tickets and Normal booster and be happy!

The list:

1 x Mossbeard Patriarch
1 x Weirwood Patriarch
1 x Lifeblood Dryad
1 x Natural Selection
1 x Oxidon Spitter
2 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Toxic Spores
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
2 x Glowstride Stag
2 x Grove Huntress
1 x Hunting Pack
1 x Feral Instinct
1 x Scrapforge Titan
1 x Energy Surge
1 x Steelshaper Savant
1 x Forge Guardian Beta
1 x Tower Vanguard
1 x Lightshield Patrol
1 x Jet Pack
1 x Forcefield
1 x Vault Technician
1 x Metamind Adept
1 x Ionic Warcharger
1 x Metasight
1 x Aegis Pulse
2 x Aegis Conscript

22 Creatures and 8 Spells

More spells than I like! I did have a turn in game two where I used the Metasight, but would have benefited greater by playing a creature instead! Forcefield was useless and Toxic Spores did take down a Spring Dryad Rank 2 that was trouble! 


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