SolForge Draft Deck 3-0 Tempys and Uterra 02/20/2014

Most of my draft posts have featured Alloyin and Uterra. They are the best two factions to pair together and I perform the best with them. I typically try to work myself into those two factions, but as we all know these drafts are random at times. My first pack did not have a Uterra or Alloyin card and I forgot to screenshot the pack. You can see here that my first pick was Seismic Adept. The Adept is a solid card all around and I grabbed a Weirwood Patriarch (WWP) second pick adding Uterra as my second facction. I’m almost 99% I’ll never pass on a WWP unless there’s a Battle Techtician in the pack as well. Ok, I would most likely pick up a legendary over it as well.

I haven’t drafted with Tempys very often, but my first pack seemed to be strong and the deck was filling out going through the third pack. I had solid creatures to benefit from the WWP, and movement tricks to further buff the Windborn Hellions.  Nargath Bruiser even showed up and is great at all three levels. Iceborn Fortitude was a great addition and helped me in all three matches.




At this point, I was fairly happy with the direction of the draft. I had several creatures at that 3 attack buffer to pair with the Patriarch. Later in the draft I would score a second Patriarch and Hellion. I would also finish the draft with several of my favorite Uterra cards: Swampmoss Lurker, Grove Matriarch, and Grove Huntress.  Windcaller Shaman was very useful in eliminating favorable trades for the opponent and had the added bonus of buffing my Windborn Hellions. I even used Iceborn Fortitude making my creatures even harder to kill.

My movement theme was a success and coupled with Weirwood Patriarch. My games went relatively smooth which was surprising and ended up with another 3-0 draft. Maybe I’ll try these factions again soon!

The List:

2 x Weirwood Patriarch
1 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Oxidon Spitter
2 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Enrage
1 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Toxic Spores
1 x Feral Instinct
1 x Grove Huntress
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Stormforged Avatar
1 x Seismic Adept
1 x Avalanche Invoker
1 x Iceborn Fortitude
2 x Windborn Hellion
1 x Lightning Spark
1 x Rimehorn Charger
2 x Windcaller Shaman
1 x Storm Caller
1 x Nargath Bruiser
2 x Lightning Brand
1 x Magma Hound
1 x Volcanic Giant
1 x Wind Primordial
1 x Warbringer Uranti

22 Creatures and 8 Spells

This shot was from the third game and showcases the strengths of the deck. Here the Patriarch buffed two of my rank 1 creatures and was buffed by the Grove Huntress to give me lethal at the end of Rank 3. Magma hound cleared the path for the invoker and the game was over.



Doomwing #3!


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