Diablo 3 – Wizard Current Build

Reaper of Souls is right around the corner and a new patch drastically changed the game. The patch has been a blast to play and has me revitalized into the game.I took this opportunity to start playing a wizard thanks to some help from a good friend.  This is the build he was running and I have adopted for my wizard. It seems to be working really well on Torment 1 and does decent on Torment 2, but I have trouble with some elite combinations. I can push through relatively quick at just shy of 100k dps. With some more gear upgrades I’ll bump up to Torment 2, but for now level 1 is good for me. In group play I bump up to level 2 or level 3 and try to keep up!



Loot got an update as well and I’ve quickly managed to get some great items for my wizard by cruising through the acts. Not too bad for two days of farming!



On occasion I’ll stream some Diablo play over at TwitchTV.


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