Drafting SolForge – Alloyin and Uterra – Getting that 3-0 03/07/2014

Been a week or so since my last SolForge draft list. There’s been a lot going on at home and Diablo 3 released a patch! This one is a short one and I’ll get right to the list.

The List:

1 x Frostwild Tracker
1 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Cadaverous Thicket
1 x Lightbringer Cleric
1 x Oxidon Spitter
1 x Grove Matriarch
1 x Glowstride Stag
1 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Grove Huntress
1 x Enrage
1 x Fangwood Ravager
1 x Hunting Pack
1 x Deepwood Bear Rider
2 x Strength in Numbers
2 x Munitions Drone
1 x Tower Vanguard
2 x Technosmith
1 x Nexus Core
1 x Forge Guardian Alpha
2 x Forgeplate Sentry
1 x Matrix Warden
1 x Nexus Pilot
1 x Sparkblade Assassin
1 x Heavy Artillery
2 x Vault Technician

26 Creatures and 4 Spells

I was finally able to get my card ratio back in line where I like it to be. The past week I drafted about 8-10 spells and had several 2-1 and 1-2 days. On average, I get about 1 to 2 drafts in a day between my two accounts. My primary reason to keep that “Freebie” account going is for the extra draft experience. It’s a good way to get some practice in with ‘silver’ tickets instead of using gold tickets. That is how January was spent for me. Waiting for that account to get to ticket #7 and firing off a draft because in December, I was dumping money into my other account and losing over and over. I took a step back, read some articles, and watched people stream their drafts. Slowly the wins started coming in and now I’m sitting comfortably on my main account with over 50 tickets trying to save them to draft when set two is released later this month.

I have the usual heavy late game traders present in this draft and focused on leveling those cards. I breezed through this draft not really paying much attention to my key players, but I draft these two factions all the time. I was dissapointed at the end when I noticed that I had not picked Jet Pack for my Alpha or Nexus Core. That option was available at least 3 times in the draft and had I been paying closer attention may have realized I didn’t draft one. 

I tried some cards here that I usually don’t pick up. Technosmith and Heavy Artillery. The smith helped out in a few games pinging away the final 2 points of damage on a creature and leveling an additional card. That artillery is nice once you level it and I snagged a close match by buffing one of my seedlings from the Matriarch that went unblocked.

Until next draft..


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