Diablo 3 – Last day of the Auction House – RoS Reaper of Souls

By now you have all seen the news that the Auction House is shutting down on Tuesday during maintenance. Chat often has the question, “Should I sell all my gems?” The answer is 100% Yes! When we begin to level higher gems will be dropping from the creatures. You are going to need gold for crafting which is actually really good now with smart loot! You are going to need gold for enchanting which allows you to reroll one affix into another on any items. 

I took all of my upgraded gems out of my characters gear and sold them this week on the auction house. Sell all of your set piece items that are legacy items. Sell all of your exquisite essences and irridescent tears. Sell them yesterday. They are useless once Reaper of Souls launches and you level up and the mobs are dropping the new crafting materials. Sell your fiery brimstones. I have gone from about 40 million gold and I’m closing in on 200 million by selling all of these items. Not a huge amount of gold, but it will help me out once I hit level 70 and start to enchant my items. 

White and Grey items are selling on the auction house as well. Going from 20-50k at times during the day. The easiest way I’ve found to farm these is in the Halls of Agony and Cursed Holds in Act 1. Doing 2 levels of Agony and the hold should get you about 20 white items from the torture racks and weapon racks. Leave your game and list 10 of them for whatever sells fast and you can make about 200-500k per run. They really do sell quick! 

I don’t know too much about Reaper of Souls, but this is the information I do know. I hope you sell everything off today and set yourself up for the launch of the new set. 



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