Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – My Torment 1 Wizard guide

I spend most of my time playing the expansion on Torment 1. I have yet to attempt farming anything higher than that. With the recent legendary drop rate that occurs in rifts, my primary focus has been farming better gear for my wizard. I am just a casual player, but what follows is what works best for me and my playstyle. During the week, I will get about five hours of game time in and spike on the weekends to about 10-15 hours if I choose to play that long. There will be better wizard guides out there but I hope you find any of this useful.


My character sheet has hit 1,000,000 + unbuffed DPS since hitting level 70. I have had some good drops most of which have come from rifts. I haven’t noticed much of a difference other than speed to say whether or not a group makes a difference in the drops. You do have the bonus of being able to trade legendaries within your groups, but with smart loot drops I have not noticed a benefit to trading. If you’re interested in my loot feel free to check out my armory page located here. You’ll notice I have two Tal Rasha set items, both of which came in rifts on April 4th. I post upgrades to my twitter page and Diablo was kind enough to retweet this picture. I also have the wonderful Ring of Grandeur that comes from Horadric Caches by completing bounties in Act 1. I spent about three hours filling one stash bag full of Caches hoping to get the ring and it paid off with two.

ImageUntil reaching Paragon 200, I have kept movement speed on my boots until I can get the maximum 25% bonus through Paragon Points. I could have more DPS by choosing Intelligence but with 1.3 million buffed DPS on Torment 1 it just isn’t needed. Those point changes will occur when I take the leap to higher Torment levels. Maximum arcane power has points to help with Frozen Orbs as they take a good chunk of power to cast.

ImageCritical hit damage gave me the most DPS here than the other choices and with a 47% chance to critical that damage is nice to see. Many builds are running Disintegrate and Archon and I imagine they would want cooldown reduction points for this tab. On Torment 1, Electrocute and Frozen Orb pack enough punch for my style.

ImageDefense hasn’t been too much of a concern to me now that I have over 4 million toughness without buffs. Life Regeneration seems to be working pretty well for me if I get into a tough spot and need to run around for a bit to regenerate some health. I also use the Templar for his healing abilities. The big heal I get when I’m low on health allows me to keep on blasting away at the mob.

ImagePoints for utility can go pretty much anywhere. I have used the resource cost reduction several times as well as gold find. I’ve got them sitting in area damage for now, but while I’m farming I’ll be placing them into gold find. As I progress into higher torment levels, these points will likely go into Life on Hit.

ImagePretty straight forward skills here. Electrocute with Surge of Power to regenerate Arcane Power for the Arcane Orbs. Frozen Orb seems to be the best rune for the ability. The action skills are all DPS boosts and Teleport wormhole is in there for quick movement. If farming bounties I will change Energy Armor to Storm Armor – scramble and one of the Passive Skills to Illusionist for even faster movement speeds. If you’re just starting out I would recommend dropping Glass Cannon for Dominance for the added shield and toughness ratings. I thoroughly enjoy using Unwavering Will as I am usually standing still when casting spells.

ImageIf you’re a fresh level 70, I suggest running rifts in a group on T1 and you should start to see some legendaries to upgrade those rare items. Normal bounties are also a great way to get loot. The best way to do bounties is in a four person group and split up to complete the bounties in one act. It won’t take long to fill a page of your stash up with caches and you will get some good upgrades for your character this way. It takes about 2-3 hours to fill a stash up with caches. Each act bounty has it’s own legendary reward as well so keep an eye out for those. DiabloHub has an excellent reference page if you’re looking for specific legendaries from these bounties.

I would avoid re-rolling jewelry if you are low on gold, it seems to cost 900k for one reroll chance. Other legendaries seem more reasonable, but make sure you don’t re-roll the damage bonus from a weapon like I did! Also, if you haven’t checked out the communities tab they are an excellent resource for you to utilize. There are several that have formed from Twitch streamers and many have their purpose in the community names. It’s easy to find a group that is running split bounties or T1 rifts if you join the chat of these groups.

That’s all I have for T1 wizards at the moment. Hope you enjoyed. Be sure to follow the blog and check me out on twitter.


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