Seasonal Monk – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

So begins season 2 in Diablo 3. This time I’ve started with a monk. I hope to show my progression during this season and hopefully get back into the game. I’ve been on a hiatus for some time now. My last post is probably outdated, but I’m surprised by how many views it’s gotten. You can view it here if you want. Wow! That post was from April last year. I can’t believe I’ve been gone that long. The game seems fresh after the break I’ll see where I can go.

First we have to get to level 70. I made small progress before work yesterday. I managed to get to level 8 and boost my DPS to 21.99 just 0.01 points away from a flat 22. Maybe I can get there today! 😀



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