Life, Love, Joy, Faith, Church

Life is good.

I am going to take a moment and stray from games just to point out that life is amazing. I have had an amazing marriage for the past six years and am blessed to have such an amazing person as my wife. We took a leap of faith this year and purchased our first home together. We moved away from the big city and away from amazing friends and family. We are now blessed with twins that were born this past week and have received far more blessings than we deserve (or at least that I deserve). I have such an amazing close circle of family that has done so much for us these past few months as we prepared to welcome the newborns into our lives. I have begun to realize just how precious my wife is and I am amazed that I have ended up with her. Our time in the hospital was brutal, her pregnancy becoming high risk and our babies born a few weeks early. I will never forget the look of agony that bestowed her face and wishing that I could make it go away. How she endured the pain for as long as she did is remarkable and the strength she has shown is a wonder to see. In the hospital, she told me that she was blessed to have me as a husband. What could I say to that when I have often wondered how she came to me when I am such an imperfect person.

Before these past few months, my wife was invited to attend a church with a friend she had met through work and I have begun attending church on a regular basis again. I have never been one to openly profess my beliefs before. I do not see how I cannot after witnessing such miracles this past month. The Sunday school class has welcomed us into the church with gracious arms and given so much support to us and I tear up just thinking about what they have done with knowing us for such a short period of time. God has reached out to me and given such wonderful blessings and I pray that I am worthy of them and will be the Husband and Father that He would want me to be.

So, Life is good. I will try to do my best as a Husband and a Father and give them the love and honor they deserve and strive to be the man that God intended me to be. God has shown me such wonders this year and I am thankful to receive his blessings. I hope that I will follow wisely and will be able to bless others as I take the leap of faith that I am now feeling that I am ready to take. My wife told me several years ago to have faith. Through her guidance and unyielding faith and guidance, I have come to understand what she has meant all along.

So, until next time, think about your life and who is reaching out to you and embrace them, for they are angels sent to help.