Seal of Deepwood wins another draft – 4-0 with Uterra and Nekrium

This card is so powerful! While it doesn’t when games all by itself, with the current draft format it’s easy to position yourself to take advantage of this card in rank 3 and decimate your opponents. Here’s the latest decklist:nek.ute3


Solforge 3-0 Draft Uterra Alloyin 02/12/2014

Another successful draft!

Every draft is different and while I tried to draft a deck similar to yesterday’s draft, some of the choices just weren’t available this time. This draft only had one Grove Huntress that I relied heavily on yesterday. Matrix Warden showed up for me again and I snatched the robot up fairly quick along with the fantastic Battle Techtician. I was happy to see some more cards that are good to have in the Sparkblade Assassin, Gemhide Basher, and the Swampmoss Lurkers. Ether Hounds was better than anticipated when combined with the Techtician and Alloyin General. The ‘free’ creature helped maintain board presence and with the attack boosts in the deck they pushed their fair amount of damage through. 

The only spell I used in my matches was Feral Instinct. Some of my level 2 creatures have large attacks, especially when the attack boosts are present and the breakthrough kept the pressure going. The other spells never had an opportunity where it wasn’t better to play a creature. I don’t believe spells are that important right now for these factions. Tempys and Nekrium may be different, but I tend to stay out of those factions unless Zimus pops up. 

Stay tuned for more in depth looks at some of my drafts where I’ll include my first few picks from the draft and my reasons behind them. Hope you’re having fun in SolForge! If you’re looking for a match send a challenge to Llauron.

My Deck List:


1 x Mossbeard Patriarch
2 x Gemhide Basher
1 x Oxidon Spitter
1 x Feral Instinct
1 x Ghostscale Cobra
2 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Toxic Spores
2 x Glowstride Stag
2 x Cavern Hydra
1 x Deepbranch Prowler
1 x Grove Huntress
1 x Enrage
1 x Deepwood Bear Rider
1 x Ether Hounds
1 x Battle Techtician
1 x Alloyin General
1 x Spark Bot
1 x Jet Pack
2 x Lightshield Patrol
2 x Matrix Warden
1 x Sparkblade Assassin
1 x Aegis Conscript
1 x Metamind Adept
1 x Aegis Pulse

25 Creatures & 5 Spells


Soul Drinker

Ascension – Rise of the Vigil – Key Players – Hero Cards @ascensiongame

The stand alone expansion Rise of the Vigil for Ascension is out and I have gotten some great games in with my good friend Ben (@jacery855 on twitter). After some initial beatings from him and revenge games a few weeks later, we sat down and picked out our favorite cards from this set.



At the worst, this card nets you a Mystic or Heavy Infantry every time you play this card. At best this hero can get you any hero that you need that is on the field. Energy is the theme of this set so hitting the threshold of 2 enery should not be that difficult to accomplish. The honor value of 3 is a good buy for four runes as well.


Banishing the starting cards from your deck is an important goal for any game of Ascension. This set does not have very many cards that banish and picking this card up early is definitely recommended. It also provides an energy which helps fuel those early energy thresholds that are needed.


This set packs several useful constructs and we found that we often had more than one faction of constructs in play at a time. There did not seem to be as much construct destruction in this set as in the past. While the 2 power may not be the best, the 1-4 energy gain is monumental in the later turns. Also, a good buy for the cost of three runes netting 2 honor points.


Any card that gives you something and replaces itself is going to be a good card to go after. In a set featuring energy as a resource, the fact that this card nets you three energy is amazing. Manage to snag this card and you will have a much easier time reaching your energy requirements.


Another one of the few draw cards from this set this card lets you steal treasures into your deck. We found that this card usually nets you a few treasure cards over the course of the game. I’ve watched several treasure cards enter the center row only to watch as my opponent(s) buy them up on the next turn. This card allows you the opportunity to get that much needed treasure card added to your deck.

There are some other big hitters from this set that are great to get, most notably the nine cost Oziah. Great job if you manage to grab this great card!


This card speaks for itself. Just imagine a center row that looked like this in one of my games with Ben. Image

That’s all I have for Ascension this time. I’ll take a look at Constructs and Monsters a few posts down the road. And look for Immortal Heroes on IOS as it was just released a few days ago!

Until next time, get your games in!

Let’s Play Ascension – Rise of the Vigil @ascensiongame

I’m back!

I’ve been waiting for a good chance to get together and play some games! My best friend @jacery855 came to visit us at our new home and we managed to squeeze a few Ascension games in. I had a mission to win, as he had been undefeated with this new set – Rise of the Vigil.

A lot has happened in the world of gaming in the past several months. Kickstarter is becoming an amazing jump start opportunity for board games. Ascension is making a transition to a better digital platform and is coming to us as Ascension Online promising to surpass the IoS version produced by Playdek.

Be sure to check out all the details here:

Ascension Online and


Not the ideal hand for turn one this time. Truth Seeker seems to be the number one pick here on turn one. However, with only 3 runes our options are limited. The construct is decent but most games you only net one card from this. Although, it could be worth buying to help fuel cards down the line:

Magnet Monk

Treasure hunter can be beneficial in this set, sometimes jumping up and essentially counting as three power and is slightly better than buying a Heavy Infantry. This leaves the final option of buying a Mystic and killing the Cultist.

Remember though that this set does have a monster that you can kill for 2 power and it helps with the theme of this set: Energy.


Serpent Siren

There are several options here. You are unlikely to grab that Truth Seeker the following turn. Knowing the next turn you will have five runes to spend, I would recommend buying that construct and hoping for the Siren to turn up instead of buying a Mystic. This leaves you the option of buying a Mystic and the Treasure Hunter the following turn if nothing better turns up on the board.

Thoughts? Leave a comment!

Until next time, get your games in!

HEX TCG Kickstarter is ending! Pledge immediately!

If you haven’t pledged to support HEXTCG here are some resources to help you make that last minute decision.

HexTCG vs Magic

Official Website



Kickstarter and Updates

My blog found here about HEX:

There are 60 hours remaining and another of the limited tiers is selling out fast. 13,255 backers on kickstarter,  $1,855,014 pledged (and over $100k through PayPal), 14,393 comments so far. This is one of the highest pledged projects on kickstarter and if you enjoy card games, this is the one to get into. Check it out!

Until next time, get your games in!Image

HEX TCG from Cryptozoic a digital card game on kickstarter

The final stretch goal was met today for this upcoming game that has taken kickstarter by storm. This final stretch adds mobile support for all you tablet and mobile gaming fans! Now we will be be able to enjoy or account at home or on the road, something that is critical to stay on top in this digital era of gaming.

HEX continues to grow daily and the number of backers continues to climb. The mobile goal was 1.5 million (the game was backed at 300k). This game is obviously extremely popular approaching 10k comments and backers. Only a few days remain to pledge and there are several $250 tiers remaining all if which get a free draft for one year. Drafts will cost $7 a piece (a value of $364). Add to that all of the other tier rewards and the value is insane.

This is an mmotcg, a true breakthrough for a card game. Featuring a fully integrated PvE and PvP system. Enjoy tons of quests and dungeons and even raids or jump into a draft and challenge other players.

Three new stretch goals were added today, the first of which grants ALPHA access to the game for squire pledges and above.

So get busy pledging, sharing, and telling everyone about HEX and help bring the next genre breaking game to reality!

Until next time, get your games in!

Search for Hex

HEX – The digital card game for the future

Cryptozoic recently announced their latest project: HEX. If you haven’t heard of this new leap into the digital card game genre, then you soon will. In just a short number of days (7) this project has 4,454 backers and $542,590 pledged as of this writing. Incredible.

I won’t go into great detail on this blog, you can take a look at their kickstarter page here:  Hex Kickstarter

Cryptozoic is touting this game as the first true MMOTCG claiming to feature full sets of cards, dungeons, raids, quests, guilds, tournaments, auction houses, loot, monsters, pve/pvp, and more.

The game will launch with eight races and six classes featuring equippable talents, gear, and abilities. The most interesting aspect looks to be the customization of cards with equipment. Most cards look to have room for two equipments that you find from encounters and loot drops.

Dungeons offer a chance to score cards unique to the PVE experience allowing even further opportunity to customize your deck.

Why its this game different than any other CCG? Your cards will change as you play them. Equip your cards with equipment and gems that all offer unique abilities to your cards. Cards have three sides to them: Front, back, and double back. Every card has a set of achievements that unlock variant arts, a level progress to a foil version, and more. Your cards will change as you play!

Organized play will have daily tournaments featuring sealed and limited formats.

Overall I am extremely excited about this project. I only have to decide which tier to pledge. As of this blog, six of fifteen stretch goals have been met.

Stay tuned for more updates as this game progresses.

Until next time, get your games in!