Seasonal Monk – Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

So begins season 2 in Diablo 3. This time I’ve started with a monk. I hope to show my progression during this season and hopefully get back into the game. I’ve been on a hiatus for some time now. My last post is probably outdated, but I’m surprised by how many views it’s gotten. You can view it here if you want. Wow! That post was from April last year. I can’t believe I’ve been gone that long. The game seems fresh after the break I’ll see where I can go.

First we have to get to level 70. I made small progress before work yesterday. I managed to get to level 8 and boost my DPS to 21.99 just 0.01 points away from a flat 22. Maybe I can get there today! 😀



Diablo 3 – Guide to Common Debris in Reaper of Souls. #D3

Chat is littered with common debris questions and the Auction House is going down tomorrow. How are you going to get the common debris you need to craft items with? Once the expansion hits your essences and tears and brimstones are going to be useless. You will need your common debris though to craft items. We have a week until the expansion hits and if these other crafting materials are going to be useless why not gather up as many common debris as you can in the meantime. So when the expansion hits and you are leveling your character and getting the new crafting materials you won’t have to grind out those commmon debris for the new recipes.

My route is pretty simple. Enter Act 1 – Halls of Agony Level 2 – meander through to level one and the falling axes. Teleport back to Level 2 and proceed to Cursed Hold. You are looking for all the torture racks and weapon racks. There are a lot of them.


The difficulty doesn’t matter as the racks are present on all difficulties. One run should get you almost a pack full of items to salvage. Finish up with a trip to the old ruins and hit this weapon rack that is sometimes accompanied by an anvil. Check to see if there’s a dungeon to the west of the rack as it has a treasure goblin in it pretty dang often. If speed is your game just drop the difficulty and boost your movement speed and superspeed through these maps. You’ll have a ton of debris in no time. If you want some xp at the same time drop in on the Crypt of the Ancients in Festering Woods and drop those skeletons. Image

Happy farming! Soon you’ll have a stash full of debris just waiting to be crafted! I’m almost up to 4000!Image

Diablo 3 – Last day of the Auction House – RoS Reaper of Souls

By now you have all seen the news that the Auction House is shutting down on Tuesday during maintenance. Chat often has the question, “Should I sell all my gems?” The answer is 100% Yes! When we begin to level higher gems will be dropping from the creatures. You are going to need gold for crafting which is actually really good now with smart loot! You are going to need gold for enchanting which allows you to reroll one affix into another on any items. 

I took all of my upgraded gems out of my characters gear and sold them this week on the auction house. Sell all of your set piece items that are legacy items. Sell all of your exquisite essences and irridescent tears. Sell them yesterday. They are useless once Reaper of Souls launches and you level up and the mobs are dropping the new crafting materials. Sell your fiery brimstones. I have gone from about 40 million gold and I’m closing in on 200 million by selling all of these items. Not a huge amount of gold, but it will help me out once I hit level 70 and start to enchant my items. 

White and Grey items are selling on the auction house as well. Going from 20-50k at times during the day. The easiest way I’ve found to farm these is in the Halls of Agony and Cursed Holds in Act 1. Doing 2 levels of Agony and the hold should get you about 20 white items from the torture racks and weapon racks. Leave your game and list 10 of them for whatever sells fast and you can make about 200-500k per run. They really do sell quick! 

I don’t know too much about Reaper of Souls, but this is the information I do know. I hope you sell everything off today and set yourself up for the launch of the new set.