SolForge – Elite Tournaments – Draft

This weekend was the second round of Elite Tournaments and featured draft. I missed the constructed event by one elite ticket mostly due to my decline in SolForge activity. That being said this event was fun for me. I’ve been slowly sneaking in more drafts than usual lately and usually go 3-1 with an occasional 4-0. I was expecting to get at least four wins and get a legendary chest, but I ended up going 5-1 losing one match to some bad plays and unlucky draws. It was refreshing to play in a tournament that was more than four rounds. Best of luck in your games. Here’s the capture of the 5-1 draft list. I tend to draft heavy Tempys lately in most of my drafts which is a huge swing from always drafting Nekrium and Uterra before the latest set.



While 500,000 silver is nice, having some kind of pack to open after 5 wins would be nice as well.


Ascension Online – Kickstarter update

Check your mail! Physical additions have been mailed out. I ordered the zombie starter cards because, well, zombies!!Image

They Kickstarter promo was also sent out. The Tower of Ascendancy seems to be fairly solid struct and the flavor text is pretty awesome!

Leave a piece of yourself behind, and look to others for the hope and strength to make you whole.”

The best news of all was the release of the initial beta of Ascension online. Featuring the first two sets to get us started the game seems polished and comes with some great background music as usual for Stoneblade Entertainment. Online play is currently disabled, but the computer AI gets the job done for now. Looking forward to them catching up on expansions and enabling those online battles. 

If they’re watching, hopefully Twitch.TV integration will be added into the program! Awesome job so far, can’t wait for it to go live.


Ascension – Rise of the Vigil – Key Players Part Two – Constructs @ascensiongame

This is part two of my Rise of the Vigil feature. If you missed out on the first review, you can check it out here. Most of the cards featured in that review gained energy for you in some form, so let’s see how that plays a factor in choosing which constructs to pick up.



Shouldn’t be too difficult to gain 2 Energy every turn.

We all know it isn’t too easy to generate eight runes in a turn, but Mechana constructs are powerful in their honor value alone. This particular construct also has an added benefit of gaining honor each turn as well. Manage to snag a few Mechana constructs and you could find yourself gaining quite a sum of honor points over the course of a few turns. The energy threshold isn’t terrible to meet either and shouldn’t give you much trouble.


Buy this early and often!

Vigil’s key mechanic is Energy which this card gives you each and every turn. There are several cards in this set that only require one energy to get the added benefit and you will find that this card will be a tremendous boon to your deck. This construct isn’t too hard to aquire and I would pick it up early.


Power is vital.

We found that the monsters in this set play a much larger role than in previous sets. This construct gives you a power each turn without clogging up your deck, allowing you to see your better cards. The energy perk is nice and you should be able to see a decent honor gain over the course of the game from this card, especially if this card flips to the center row early.


Banishing cards is hard to do in this set.

The ability to banish cards isn’t too common in this set making this construct important. Like the Spirit Merchant from my first key player series, this card allows you to banish a card with a low energy cost. Combine this with the Merchant and you’ll be going through your deck early and often. You also net a power each turn as well, helping you get those monsters defeated.


Aquire or defeat any card! Incredible.

The Tablet is quite the extraordinary construct. The energy threshold is steep, but the effect you get is amazing. If you’ve been focusing on energy, this construct is going to create some crazy turns for you. This is the one construct in this set that I do not like to see flip to the center row when I cannot buy it for myself.

In previous sets to us, it has seemed like construct destruction is fairly common. However, in this set, we have noticed that our constructs generally stay in play longer and have better effects in general. So buy them early if you can. As always, if you manage to amass an army of Mechana constructs, the effects they create when combined are amazing. I chose to feature some of the other constructs that net greater benefit individually because it is difficult to be the only player to be able to grab Mechana constructs.

Part three of this series will feature the monsters of this set so stay tuned.

Until next time, get your games in.

Ascension – Rise of the Vigil – Key Players – Hero Cards @ascensiongame

The stand alone expansion Rise of the Vigil for Ascension is out and I have gotten some great games in with my good friend Ben (@jacery855 on twitter). After some initial beatings from him and revenge games a few weeks later, we sat down and picked out our favorite cards from this set.



At the worst, this card nets you a Mystic or Heavy Infantry every time you play this card. At best this hero can get you any hero that you need that is on the field. Energy is the theme of this set so hitting the threshold of 2 enery should not be that difficult to accomplish. The honor value of 3 is a good buy for four runes as well.


Banishing the starting cards from your deck is an important goal for any game of Ascension. This set does not have very many cards that banish and picking this card up early is definitely recommended. It also provides an energy which helps fuel those early energy thresholds that are needed.


This set packs several useful constructs and we found that we often had more than one faction of constructs in play at a time. There did not seem to be as much construct destruction in this set as in the past. While the 2 power may not be the best, the 1-4 energy gain is monumental in the later turns. Also, a good buy for the cost of three runes netting 2 honor points.


Any card that gives you something and replaces itself is going to be a good card to go after. In a set featuring energy as a resource, the fact that this card nets you three energy is amazing. Manage to snag this card and you will have a much easier time reaching your energy requirements.


Another one of the few draw cards from this set this card lets you steal treasures into your deck. We found that this card usually nets you a few treasure cards over the course of the game. I’ve watched several treasure cards enter the center row only to watch as my opponent(s) buy them up on the next turn. This card allows you the opportunity to get that much needed treasure card added to your deck.

There are some other big hitters from this set that are great to get, most notably the nine cost Oziah. Great job if you manage to grab this great card!


This card speaks for itself. Just imagine a center row that looked like this in one of my games with Ben. Image

That’s all I have for Ascension this time. I’ll take a look at Constructs and Monsters a few posts down the road. And look for Immortal Heroes on IOS as it was just released a few days ago!

Until next time, get your games in!

Let’s Play: Ascension – Rise of the Vigil

The newest set for Ascension, Rise of the Vigil, is out. I’ve been posting some questions about the first turn of the game which I’ll link at the end. Feel free to offer your suggestions.

I recently sat down with Jacery855 (check him out here on twitter: to play a game of the new set. I’ll start just like my other posts. I am going first and this is what is flipped onto the board.


I elected to buy the Blackwatch Vanquisher thinking that getting the two Energy Shards early would be a good move. However, I’m beginning to lean more towards the Lifebound Muse the more games with the new set I play. Jacery’s hand wasn’t that great, showing up with 3 runes and 2 attack and elected to go with a Mystic and attacking the Cultist for one honor.

A couple of turns later I was able to snag the Loamspeaker Druid and another Energy Shard with it. Would you have gone for the mechana construct? Jacery followed suit and picked up the Lifebound Muse that I should have grabbed on the first turn.Image

Fast forward a few turns and what I view as the best card in this set is on the board: Tablet of the Dreamer. You might think 4 energy is hard to come buy. But with cards like Magnet Monk and Nyxian Spiritcaster (which generates 3 energy) it’s rather easy in most cases. Image

This card absolutely wrecked my game. Before this hit Jacery’s field, I was feeling pretty good. Up 13 to 2 in honor, I had energy going, and plenty of runes. Fast forward to the Tablet hitting the field and Energizing 4 and the game suddenly took a huge swing in honor allowing Jacery to purchase Oziah, Judge of Logos with a board full of monsters.





Here is the beast Oziah, Judge of Logos



This monster of a card doesn’t always pay off, but when he does the game can swing in your favor in no time. Jacery had the card at the right moment and gained over 10 honor points, destroyed all my constructs and gained three more cards from the Big Bad Bunny.


After a few more turns, the Tablet spawned another epic turn for Jacery. This time netting 24 points of honor tokens, drawing 3 cards, and gained even more cards. I must say that Herald of Doom is aptly named, especially when you are able to generate the alternate reward with 7 energy. Image

Using the Tablet to kill Herald of Doom, Jacery was rewarded with an entire center row of cards and honor! Ouch! Between just two activations of the Tablet of the Dreamer, there was over a 50 point swing in honor, crazy.


When it was all said and done, I was destroyed 141 Honor to a very honorable 63 (cough).

Hope you enjoyed and if you haven’t picked up Ascension, what are you waiting for!

Until next time, get your games in!

Let’s Play: Ascension – Rise of the Vigil , Session 3

Time for another Ascension question. As you can tell, I am enjoying the new set of Ascension. Soon, I will highlight the new energy resource and how it affects the game. But for now assume you are going first in a two player match. What do you buy? 

I feel this choice is tough, given the starting hand of 3 runes and 2 attack. You decide.



I also must say that the latest board that came with this game is so much better than past editions! Check this outImage

Until next time, get your games in!