SolForge – 4-0 Draft Decks

Here are two of my latest #SolForge 4-0 draft decks. I’m digging Tempys right now!
Tem.ute alloyin.temp


SolForge – Free to Play Update – Six Months Later

Previously, I gave a small blurb about my free to play account here. At the time, I only had two legendary cards and a few heroics. I’ve made it a point to log in daily and get my rewards and draft every time I get up to seven tickets. I’ll admit I have had some success drafting and have benefited from those extra premium packs. That’s the beauty of SolForge. Play well and get rewarded and you don’t have to spend a dime! 

My Legendaries 


43 if I can add

43 Legendaries isn’t too bad. For the heroics, I am just a few cards shy of having at least three of each card. To complete my heroic set I need the following:

2x Runegrove Guardian

1x Lifeblood Dryad

1x Omnomnom

1x Master of Elements

Only five cards away from getting that full set. With forging right around the corner I’ll be able to pick those up fairly easily. All commons and rares have well over 3 copies each and will get fed into the forge to fuel future drafts and legendary card purchases. Drafting has really helped fill out this account and I can build a relatively competitive NT deck. While missing quite a few legendaries I should be able to grab a few more copies of needed copies. I’ve got an eye out for Thundersaur since my “Growbots” is looking close to being built. 

Some fun numbers:

45x Forgeplate Sentry

43x Grove Huntress

43x Lightshield Patrol

42x Sparkblade Assassin

42x Matrix Warden

42x Vault Technician

40x Enrage

I obviously draft Alloyin and Uterra all the time as my previous draft posts illustrate. Check them out for lists! 

All of my draft posts can be found on this page


If you’re hesitant to try SolForge now is the time to check it out. A new set is weeks away with an all new forging system that will help you get the cards you want without spending any money. The community is awesome and hosts tournaments almost on a weekly basis. There was a qualifier this past weekend as well as a sealed event tournament. If larger tournaments aren’t your thing the client has 3 round constructed or draft tournaments that can be completed at your convenience. 

Give it a go!

SolForge Draft Deck 3-0 Alloyin and Uterra 02/23/2014

The wins just keep coming with these factions. This will be the fifth post with a 3-0 deck from these two factions. 


Pick one: Patriarch seemed like the best option here. The Tempys choices aren’t good this early in the draft. Uranti possibly late in the draft if you have ways to boost attack. Grimgaunt forces you to rely too much on one creature and gives your opponents an opportunity to two for one. The Nekrium creatures are weaker in general. Not knowing how many Uterra cards I’ll have at the end of the draft I skipped over the Avatar here. Botanimate would have been a solid choice too, but I’ve had a few drafts where Patriarch has given my deck better utility.



Pick 2: I will not pick Hunting Pack in draft. I have this RNG flag on my account that doesn’t allow me to trigger any additional packs. I would pick Enrage over Heavy Artillery if looking those were the only two options. I love pairing Uterra and Alloyin together, so here I picked the Ionic Warcharger to get the Alloyin Faction and the solid level 2 stats. The mobility helps push damage or two for one in most situations.



Pack two: Quite the pack here. I’m definitely not picking Phytobomb, unless I already have a Spring Dryad. I love picking Grove Huntress for the stat boosts. The Cypien Infiltrator has good stats and can push through damage with an attack buff. I’m not a fan of the guardian because the stats are weak unless you’re going into a new rank. My pick here was Spring Dryad over the Huntress because it’s still early in the draft and because the Huntress is common I have a good chance to see it pop up again.


Pack two pick two: Hunting Pack: NO. Energy Surge is only a good spell if leveled during the first rank. i haven’t drafted any Technosmith’s to help with that and I just don’t like the card in draft. Brighttusk Sower is usually a good choice, but I’ve found that the similar Patriarch works better. I went with the Grove Huntress that I was hoping would show up again not wanting to press my luck and miss out on it. Tower Vanguard doesn’t seem to be a good option without ways to give armor in my draft yet. 


Pack three: Phytobomb: NO. There are three cards in this pack that are great at level 2. Pulsemage and Savant are good cards but only in certain situations. I don’t like having to under level a card just to get an armor buff for my creature. Although the savant has been great in past drafts, I’m picking the creature that already comes with armor here and is tough to get rid of at level 3.

The List:

1 x Mossbeard Patriarch
1 x Natural Selection
1 x Lightbringer Cleric
1 x Spring Dryad
2 x Feral Instinct
1 x Swampmoss Lurker
1 x Cavern Hydra
2 x Grove Huntress
1 x Fangwood Ravager
1 x Bramblewood Guardian
1 x Strength in Numbers
1 x Scrapforge Titan
2 x Munitions Drone
1 x Alloyin General
2 x Matrix Warden
3 x Lightshield Patrol
1 x Forcefield
1 x Forgeplate Sentry
1 x Nexus Pilot
1 x Sparkblade Assassin
1 x Aegis Conscript
1 x Forge Guardian Alpha
2 x Ionic Warcharger

25 Creatures and 5 Spells


End of game two here and it was close for a while, but we got the victory going into rank 4. I’ll say here that I like the Nexus Pilot, but I don’t like being forced into playing a card into a certain lane. I’ll often have to pass playing the pilot due to too much pressure from my opponent. 



I’m not sure what prompted the concession in this case 22 attack on the board. I suppose he drew a hand of level one cards. I’ll take the win in any case, but here you don’t see the dead Grove Huntress that buffed my patrol giving it the 3 health and essentially 9 extra health from the armor (if he lives through one attack). I had three patrols in this draft and they usually had armor between the Huntress, Matrix Wardens, and Munitions Drones. 

My next blog will look at statistics from my Alloyin and Uterra drafts and see which cards I like to draft the most. I am currently positive in tickets on both my $$ account and free account. It took me two months to get to where I am today. The first two weeks were horrible mostly going 0-3 with an occasional victory. Now, after getting that practice in, reading articles, and watching streamers on twitchTV I’m very comfortable in draft. I definitely don’t 3-0 all the time, but am consistently getting 2 wins on most days. I will say I’m unlikely to draft Alloyin and Nekrium together. That 0-3 experience yesterday was painful! 🙂



Unlucky #Solforge

Sometimes when you reach rank 4 things are looking good. You have board control going into the rank and feeling pretty good for yourself. Then the RNG gets you pretty hard. Not once, not twice, but three turns in a row. All while your opponent is smiling as you play your hand full of level 1 cards and he drops level 3 after level 3 and begins cackling madly. Some games go this way and you have to take some losses to get some wins. Just hope it doesn’t happen during the invitational next week. I love this game, but you can’t win them all 😀