SolForge Draft 4-0 Casual Nekrium and Uterra

Still rocking the Nekrium and Uterra train post patch.



Drafted another SolForge Winner – Nekrium and Uterra

The SolForge Gods love me this week. My latest draft gave me a Seal and a Sporelord. Cruised along for another 4-0 victory. I find myself forcing these two factions because it seems almost to always get me 3 victories. My final match was a nail biter down to the final turn!




Here’s the list for those interested.nek.ute2


I’m curious why the platinum packs contain legendaries from the first set, since these drafts contain cards from the newer sets. Hopefully trading is soon, I have plenty of Ghox.


SolForge Draft victory – Alloyin and Uterra 4-0

Drafted a Tuskin Sporelord and got that 4-0 victory. Here’s the decklist.


Weekend SolForge Drafting

It’s been a long time since I have been able to draft more than once every few days. This weekend I was able to make it through quite a few drafts, grabbing 8 gold packs, and 2 platinum packs along the way. Having most of my success with Alloyin and Nekrium combinations. This post is a quick one, mostly giving you the two decklists that went 4-0 on Saturday, a first pick poll, and some fun Scrapforge Titan mayhem. Enjoy!

What would your first pick be from these choices?


I went with the Battle Techtician here for the universal buff to all my other creatures. I think the Grimgaunt Predator is top notch, but the removal is limited in the draft format.  I’ve tended to veer away from the Uterra faction, mostly because I don’t have much success with them. Alloyin has always been my faction of choice. This draft was solid across the board. I chose creatures that level up great as the game progresses and took some risks with Alpha and Colossus, having snagged a copy of Jet Pack early. Here’s the draft list from my first 4-0 of the weekend.


4.4aMy next 4-0 draft was similar, but I picked an early Tarsus Deathweaver and made a few picks to combo with. You’ll see many of the same creatures in both drafts: Warcharger, Xithian Hulk, Blight Walker, Vault Technician, and Fleshfiend. I typically do not skip picking these cards because they are good at level 2, although Blight Walker is situational. Here’s a copy of the draft list.

My next few screenshots were an amazingly lucky series of turns, featuring out of control Scrapforge Titans thanks to Jet Pack, Cypien Battlesuit (Amazing!), and Feral Instinct. Went 3-1 with this draft and it was a blast.









Hope I can get back in the swing of things!

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Until next time, get your games in.

SolForge – Free to Play Update – Six Months Later

Previously, I gave a small blurb about my free to play account here. At the time, I only had two legendary cards and a few heroics. I’ve made it a point to log in daily and get my rewards and draft every time I get up to seven tickets. I’ll admit I have had some success drafting and have benefited from those extra premium packs. That’s the beauty of SolForge. Play well and get rewarded and you don’t have to spend a dime! 

My Legendaries 


43 if I can add

43 Legendaries isn’t too bad. For the heroics, I am just a few cards shy of having at least three of each card. To complete my heroic set I need the following:

2x Runegrove Guardian

1x Lifeblood Dryad

1x Omnomnom

1x Master of Elements

Only five cards away from getting that full set. With forging right around the corner I’ll be able to pick those up fairly easily. All commons and rares have well over 3 copies each and will get fed into the forge to fuel future drafts and legendary card purchases. Drafting has really helped fill out this account and I can build a relatively competitive NT deck. While missing quite a few legendaries I should be able to grab a few more copies of needed copies. I’ve got an eye out for Thundersaur since my “Growbots” is looking close to being built. 

Some fun numbers:

45x Forgeplate Sentry

43x Grove Huntress

43x Lightshield Patrol

42x Sparkblade Assassin

42x Matrix Warden

42x Vault Technician

40x Enrage

I obviously draft Alloyin and Uterra all the time as my previous draft posts illustrate. Check them out for lists! 

All of my draft posts can be found on this page


If you’re hesitant to try SolForge now is the time to check it out. A new set is weeks away with an all new forging system that will help you get the cards you want without spending any money. The community is awesome and hosts tournaments almost on a weekly basis. There was a qualifier this past weekend as well as a sealed event tournament. If larger tournaments aren’t your thing the client has 3 round constructed or draft tournaments that can be completed at your convenience. 

Give it a go!