SolForge Draft 4-0 Casual Nekrium and Uterra

Still rocking the Nekrium and Uterra train post patch.



SolForge – Deck Construction – Alloyin and Tempys

This post has been updated at the bottom with an updated deck list! (09/06)

SolForge is LIVE! Packs are being cracked, decks are running rampant, and daily rewards are being handed out like candy. All you have to do is log in to SolForge daily, win your first game against AI or a real person, and win 3 games in the same manner. Easy right? It truly is in this Free to Play collectible card game by Stoneblade Entertainment. Boasted by the company as wanting to be a true free to play game, I feel that they have done exactly that. Daily rewards give out enough silver to buy 3 basic boosters a day and even give out packs or an individual card for each reward. We’re not just talking some common card or basic pack. These rewards include a chance at each rarity possible, including the Premium Boosters (approximately $15).Image

A few updates have come out since GenCon.

  • The next major update should include tournaments for constructed and draft, possibly in September.
  • Trading is going to be implemented but is being limited to cards that are not acquired through silver or free tournaments. I’m not sure how I feel about restricting what you can trade, but I can see how this would stop people from creating multiple free accounts to get cards to trade. Rewards from tournaments will be tradeable if entry was paid for with gold again restricting our trade options. I will have to wait and see how gold tournaments work before deciding if I like this or not. One of the reasons I enjoy SolForge is the free-to-play apect, but I will likely not be playing in a lot of gold tournaments just so I can trade cards.
  • There is an excellent article over at Forgewatch that talks about recent announcements and has a link to an interview with Justin Gary.

My initial task was to open my 100 boosters from Kickstarter store credit and Steam early pack sales and build decks. After a few days of rewards I’ve settled into an Alloyin and Tempys build that is running fairly well at the moment. I haven’t narrowed down my final choices as you will see by individual legendary cards. I also don’t have 3 of any one legendary yet as well.

This deck relies heavily on boosts to attack using creatures that become stronger as the game progresses and utilizes creature destruction to help control the field and allowing your buffed guys to swing across and wreak some havoc. As I get more cards, I feel this deck will continue to get better.

Alloyin and Tempys


Firefist Uranti is an interesting creature. By itself not overly strong but with the right combinations, this guy can be a beast. With the attack buffs in this deck I can usually clear a path for some damage and also have the benefit of attacking with the added atttack. I chose permanent attack buffs for this deck.

ImageAlloyin General provides a small boost early in the game, but enough that Firefist Uranti can be utilized effectively during the early ranks. This guy is amazing late in the game as well. Combined with the buff from Battle Techtician help make our creatures ferocious.ImageSimilar to the Alloyin General this guy provides that small boost for the Firefist Uranti to warrant playing him in the deck. A 3/7 at rank 1 is solid as well, once combined with a general it trades with most level 1 cards and survives spells as well. Vulnerable to Cull the Weak if you don’t get the attack buffs on the board.Image

There was a Tempys attack buff available but this is a permanent boost and it’s what I elected to use. I try to get one ore two of these leveled up to make later Firefist Uranti’s do some serious damage. Also, this is a good way to boost the Cinderfist Brawler and at level three have a possible 58+ damage swing, enough to turn any game around.

Cinderfist Brawler

The brawler often has a clear path and gets damage pushed through to the opponent, with several attack boosts in the deck this creature can be deadly fast.


Jet pack is another permanent attack boost that I included to help boost the Firefist Uranti. Also useful to battle Uranti Bolts and surprise them with an attack. I may end up cutting this card and trying out something different. I may not need a fourth attack boost spell. I am leaning towards energy prison as a way to battle large level three creatures.


These next three cards all help control the board and help keep your creatures doing damage to your opponent. The Magma Hound usually gives us card advantage which is extremely important in this game. It usually doesn’t stick to the board for very long often offing a creature and trading with another one in the same turn.

ImageThe bolt got a debuff with the latest patch, but is still a great card to play and level up due to the damage of the level 2 and level 3 versions. Defender is a bonus as well.


I didn’t originally include the Savant in my first build, but have elected to try it out. With multiple sources doing damage to opponents creatures I hope to get some use out of this card. At level 3 this card is very solid.


With plenty of board control the flameblade is useful early on in the game against the swarm decks. I will likely bump this card to two copies if I open another one. As Firestorm effects all creatures, I went with a board sweep option that did not hurt my side of the field.

This card is not working properly and the buffs that are given from creatuers are not triggering the ability. Once this is changed, I think this card will be much more useful and I will include three copies in the deck. All the abilities this creature has at level three is amazing.


This card is currently in the deck because it’s legendary and I get quite a few unblocked attacks in. Once I have more cards this will come out, but in the mean time this creature is getting the job done.


Thanks for reading, please respond to the poll and until next time, get your games in!


Current Version!

SolForge enters open beta with daily rewards for playing

SolForge went into open beta a few days before GenCon rolled into Indianapolis. After a few server issues the first few days, the game is up and running fairly smooth (ipad users are still experiencing some issues). Players were given their packs from the Steam early release and any purchased through the SolForge webstore. 

Players have the option of purchasing three types of boosters at the moment.



Players also have the option of buying gold to purchase better booster packs.



Packs contain cards as follows:

  • Basic Booster Pack – 3 cards including a guaranteed Rare and a chance for a Heroic, or Legendary card.
  • Normal Booster Pack – 8 cards including 2 guaranteed Rares and a chance at a Heroic or Legendary card.
  • Premium Booster Pack – 10 cards including a guaranteed Legendary card, 3 rares, and 3 Heroic cards

Having opened over 100 packs I’ve decided to hoard my silver until the next set comes out and rely on daily rewards to increase my card pool. Players are reporting that rewards include silver and a chance at a single random card or booster ranging from common to legendary and basic to premium. With three opportunities daily to get these rewards, SolForge feels truly free to play. I’ve played quite a few of these games now that have daily rewards and none of them compare to SolForge.

If you haven’t tried SolForge yet, give it a shot. You start with a starter deck that’s easy to get started with, and you quickly gain new cards every day at no cost. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting deck deconstructions using my available card pool so stay tuned and be sure to follow me here and on twitter!

Until next time, Get your games in!


SolForge Update – Next Update early August and GenCon News

This past Tuesday, Justin Gary hosted the weekly stream over at TwitchTV. Like Kibler, Justin played through about four games with viewers while answering questions that popped up on the chat. There was a lot of information given out and it’s not readily available on their website so I am going to bullet out a long list of important information Justin provided to us.

July 30, 2013 Twitch.TV stream info

August Update Information

  • A full set release is targeted for early August, prior to GenCon.
  • Approximately 180 cards will be in the first set.
  • The update is for PC and Ipad bringing the two platforms together.
  • New music and sound effects by Ghostkick

It looks like the full beta is going to be out in time for their GenCon presence this year. Justin made some comments regarding GenCon as well.

  • A Chrogias T-Shirt will be available for purchase at GenCon.
  • Stoneblade Entertainment has their largest space to date at GenCon.
  • SolForge Set 1 will be on display.
  • Ascension will be present as well featuring many tournaments over the four days, including release championships and a World Championship Tournament.
  • Darkness Unleashed will be available for purchase.
  • They will be at Pax Prime as well.
  • An unannounced promotion for SolForge will run at GenCon as well.


Justin mentioned the Steam Promotion is still active, but is running out soon and recommended buying the packs at half price while you can. I used my Kickstarter store credit reward and locked in some promotion packs from the SolForge website after this stream. There’s a limit to 5 per account. Justin also mentioned that the money from Kickstarter has only covered 1/3 of the cost to produce SolForge. If you haven’t got in on the Steam deal or the pack promotions time is running out to do so!

Updates on the first set itself

  • Approximately 180 cards.
  • There are multiple draw spells in the set
  • No Structures in Set 1 (Still working on the interface for them)
  • Rageborn Hellion will have a functionality change in the update
  • Synapsis Oracle is getting a small buff.
  • Chrogias Level 2 should have defender

Unlike most collectible card games that have large set releases followed by expansions, SolForge plans to have small content updates within the first few months. The digital presence allows for them to constantly provide new cards.

Future Updates

  • Will still have 6 save slots at release, more to come later.
  • Hi-Res images were pushed back to release beta by August.
  • No plans to add more lanes for combat (Have to keep UI simple for mobile).
  • Delete friends option coming soon.
  • Chat is low on the priority list (As a side note, chat is available in Steam).
  • Alternate art cards.
  • Kickstarter T-Shirt should be revealed this week.

Quite a lot to look forward to here down the road. While I would love to be able to save more decks with 180 cards coming at us, It’s not too difficult to keep track of deck lists in other ways. I have screenshots saved of mine in a SolForge folder.

Trading will not be available in August, but they are working on this.

  • Talked about being able to exchange extra cards to the online store in a “crafting” style.
  • Allowing trading between players
  • Gifting between players
  • Possibly an auction house

DoTA 2 fans will enjoy an Echowisp promotion which will be a custom DoTA courier of Echowisp in that game. This is to help bring in more players as Stoneblade does not have the money to be able to mass advertise for their games. This is where we need to step up and share more on social media sites! I share something almost daily on Twitter @LLauron.

Justin took an opportunity to show off the booster pack animation and told us that the rarities of the cards have been assigned. It looks like boosters will have 8 cards and from what I could tell there are different tiers of booster packs available. He talked about the community growing from the first few thousand kickstarter supporters to having more than twenty thousand players currently. There are approximately 200 users online playing at most times.


Our preview for the week was Doomwing, a new Dragon! Looks to be a solid card all around and another creature that can affect the board state without an attack!


Exciting news all around, here’s hoping Justin hosts the stream more often! Looking forward to the update and GenCon! Until next time, get your games in!

Ascension Preview – Darkness Unleashed Expansion and by Stoneblade Entertainment

It was recently announced that the next expansion coming to Ascension is called Darkness Unleashed. This set will continue to expand upon the energy and treasure mechanics from the previous set, Rise of the Vigil. A new mechanic, transform, is also being introduced. Darkness Unleashed officially goes on sale September 18th but if you are fortunate enough to attend GenCon you can buy it early at the convention.

Some cards in this set will have two versions of itself via a transform mechanic. Here’s an example shared on the Ascension website.


This is essentially a Lionheart from Storm of Souls without the Unite effect. However, when the energy requirement is met this card transforms itself into something new. It is pointed out that once a card transforms it does so permanently. Here is the transformed Cobra Shaman.


There are two things to note here. The played effect alone doubles the honor gained when playing this card and the corner honor value increases as well. Quite the reward for meeting an energy threshold, a swing of 14 honor if played and transformed and played a second time. Combined with other cards that gain honor this could lead to some interesting turns.

The following previews have been shown on the Ascension Facebook fan page.


Dendris here is quite exceptional. There has been some discussion on the forums about this card being overpowered, but the requirement seems fair. I doubt you want games where you buy cards that are always too difficult to hit energy thresholds. Sometimes you just don’t have treasure cards fall your way. The potential to gain 4 runes, 4 power, and 4 honor is good. Similar to Sabre the Moonlit from Immortal Heroes the bonus here is doubled at the expense of drawing two cards. Also, I believe we are looking at a dragon in this picture!


Another interesting monk card. This will make acquiring those treasure cards easier. I will have to play some games to see just how good this card happens to be. We have seen monks over all of the expansions and they are always adept at manipulating constructs and the center row. I enjoy seeing the new versions with each set.


More ongoing trophy monsters! I loved the ones from Rise of the Vigil. Any card that stays on your field and has effects on the game are good to get. The potential that this card has is amazing and will make you hit those energy requirements more often. It can be difficult to get to that seven attack mark, however.


Another enlightened construct that we can banish to gain an effect. Quite the bonus here, as there are usually a few treasures in that center row. This may be what we needed to help balance the skew of treasures going to one player.


A second transform preview! What’s not to like about a card that gives you 4 power and banishes a card? Let’s see the transformation.


By the time you acquire this and transform it you should be set up to the point where you do not need your starting cards. This is the first card I believe that has the potential to banish more than two cards at a time. I like the fact that transforming cards also increases it’s corner honor value, a nice bonus in case the game is over before playing the new card.

Cacklecast Wretch

Four honor for four power is similar to buying a mechana construct. The important thing to note about this card is that it rewards the player for reaching an energy threshold of four esentially giving you free honor and another opportunity to use four power on another target. Not too bad and a new direction for a monster reward.

This is an exciting time for deck building games and digital card games in general. Soon, we will be playing Ascension Online and SolForge is starting to kick into gear. If you’re interested in SolForge, I have a multitude of blogs about the game on my blog. Looking forward to more previews down the road. Until next time, get y our games in!

This blog will update as new cards are revealed.

SolForge – Deck Construction – Uterra and Nekrium

In my last update I posted an update to Deck Nine. This deck is a heavy Uterra build with only two Nekrium cards. I am having a lot of success with this build with my primary trouble being good draws by Rageborn Hellion decks and Grimgaunt Devourer. With our limited card pool at the moment, this is to be expected. After trying various versions of what I consider the core of my Uterra builds, I’ve found that for now Uterra is strongest by itself. While you can have success pairing with Tempys to get the extra growth from Rageborn Hellion, I have had success splashing two Nekrium cards into the deck.

Scourgeflame Sorcerer


This card does a fantastic job handling Rageborn Hellion and Grimgaunt Devourer. I will cast this every game from my opening hand. With Echowisp creating card advantage, I usually have a good option to lose a creature to destroy an opposing monster to keep the advantage going.

Grave Pact


“Previously was -6/-6, -10/-10, -20/-20.”

The patch buffed this card significantly! Just like the previous card, this one is in here to handle the tough creatures. While it is hard early on to use this card, I give up early advantage to have solid late game answers. This card levels up nicely, allowing you to destroy any creature, regardless of level, to destroy a creature equal to the spells level. I’ve destroyed countless Grimgaunts with this card.

The Uterra faction is all about multiple creatures that evolve as the game progresses. These creatures not only level up as the game continues, but grow stronger as they remain in play. Having devoted 18 of my 30 cards to Uterra creatures the Uterra Packmaster is the champion of this deck. In the first level, I believe the Uranti Bolt is the only spell that outright destroys this creature. My best plays are a Packmaster on the first turn, followed up by a Spring Dryad and an Echowisp or a second Packmaster. Most of the time I also get that activation in setting my board up for an agressive start.

Spring Dryad


“Now is 6/6 at level 2 and 9/9 at level 3. Previously was 5/5 and 8/8.”

The Dryad was solid before, but the small increase makes this card shine at level 2. Combine this with an Echowisp and you’re looking at a 10/10. If your Packmaster has survived this card gets even bigger.

Shardplate Delver


Another creature that grows as it stays in play. On it’s own this isn’t the best option at level 1, but I try to play one early and buff it with the Packmaster or Ferocious Roar. Also solid at level 2, usually surviving to turn into a 10/10.



This card creates your card advantage. You will want to level this card up to get to the level 3 version. While the early copies are weak to Firestorm and Epidemic they will often trade 2 for 1, give you the extra creature you need to stay ahead. The level 3 version is an excellent card to seal the victory or to achieve a come from behind. This creature saves me games.

Cavern Hydra


Cavern Hydra was one of those cards that wasn’t too high on my list of cards to run. If you recall from my first version of this deck, I had two copies. I found after testing this weekend that this card stays in play and slowly becomes a power house. This guy is left alone to take care of bigger threats like the packmaster and constantly adds damage to your opponent. The regeneration ensures that it stays alive and at the higher levels becomes hard to destroy. I am really starting to like this card.

Deepbranch Prowler

ImageI replaced Hunting Pack with this creature. The 50% duplication did not trigger often enough for me to continue using and I was being outpaced quickly. I don’t like playing cards that don’t level well, but this card is strong enough in this deck with all of the buffing that I warranted playing him. For now, it is doing a nice job if I can drop it out early. The breakthrough is nice against all of the Echowisps people are running which keeps the pressure going.



“Previously was +5/+5 at level 2, +7/+7 at level 3.”

This is my replacement for Hungering Strike in my first version of the deck. The trade off of giving an opposing creature negative attack wasn’t working. I found that I needed the health to keep those Dryads and Packmasters alive in certain situations, and this serves nicely. The added attack and health at the upper levels is nice now as well. I have played a level one Prowler followed up by a level three Enrage create a 20/20 breathrough machine.

Ferocious Roar


“Now gives +2/+2 at level 1”

The simple change at level one is incredible and made this card playable. Combined with the packmaster buffs, this spell helps get your creatures large extremely fast. I definitely try to level this card when I have advantage. The +2/+2 simply helps create card advantage by causing a lot of your creatures to trade two for one. Don’t forget that you also get Breakthrough with the level 3 version!

Uterran Packmaster


“Previously was 4/5, 6/7, 11/12.”

This card got changed drastically. The activate effect is optional and only affects other Uterran creatures instead of a bonus at the start of your turn. This is a significant boost because this allows you to play a creature that normally wouldn’t trade in an opposing lane, buff it with the packmaster and get the trade in the attack. I play these when I draw them, almost every time.

This deck is relatively straight forward to play. Before reaching level 2 try to play 1-2 Packmasters, a Spring Dryad, Ferocious Roar, Echowisp, and Hydra. The Nekrium cards are there as needed. If you have the sorcerer on turn one without a packmaster, then play the sorcerer. You definitely want to control any Rageborn Hellions or Grimgaunt Devourers that enter the lanes. At level 2, your Spring Dryad and Echowisps are primary. This is usually where I get my Shardplate Delver’s leveled up having gained card advantage through buffing and Echowisp. I don’t see too many level 3 turns, but after a few games you will see what to play. The trickiest part is knowing when to be aggresive, forcing your opponent to react to your strong creatures and stay off of their deck plan. Gain the advantage early and you will see a fair number of victories.

The captions in some of the pictures are from the 07/16 patch notes found here. The majority of the playable cards have changed and I highly recommend checking out the changes. I’ve had a fun weekend with this deck after losing miserably early in the week. Every deck won’t always work, it takes time and patience and a lot of play tests to get a deck where it needs to be. While this deck is by no means perfect, I have a blast playing and win quite a few games.

Soon, we will have almost 200 cards to play with and many more decks to build. Until then, get your games in!

If you want to challenge me in SolForge, just challenge LLauron. I try my best to play quickly, although sometimes our newborns gain priority 🙂

Until next time, get your games in!